June 2

Full Episodes


Full Episodes

Here’s where you can watch the last 10 episodes from start-to-finish, stem-to-stern, in all their Excel goodness. Put your glasses on and take your shoes off. Rick, Jordan and I hope that you’ll enjoy the fun, learn something, and enjoy being part of the Excel community.

For all of the Excel TV full episodes, check them out at our YouTube channel.

HOWEVER! If you want to see just the pieces, here they are:

Full Versions of the 10 Most Recent Episodes

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About the Author

Oz is an Excel MVP, author of "Guerrilla Data Analysis, 2nd Ed." He's a lover of bowties and ghost pepper sriracha. Oz operates out of Portland, Or where is mission is to make data analysis accessible to those who cry out, "I don't even know where to start!"

Oz Du Soleil

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