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Excel Holiday Card

Wishing everyone a happy holiday and a terrific new year! Download file: Happy Holidays.xlsm

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Excel 3d Maze Update!

Pedro Wave made a few updates to the 3d Maze spreadsheet that I really love. Please download the latest version to see them for yourself. Also, be sure to checkout his blog. maze-example.xlsm

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Your First Maze

Disclaimer: The following tutorial requires Conditional Formatting which is a feature of Excel 2010 and greater. If you are using an older version of Excel, please note that formatting will not work correctly for you. This article is part of a series called “VBA4Play,” written in conjunction with Excel game developer, Cary Walkin, for his […]

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Development Principles for Excel Games and Applications

This is part of a series called “VBA4Play,” written in conjunction with Excel game developer, Cary Walkin, for his blog. Many thanks to Cary for inviting me to write a few tutorials for his series. My development approach is different from Cary’s. To be sure, there are many different development styles when in comes to […]

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Excel Fortune Cookie (…in bed?)

Here’s a fun little fortune cookie program. The fortunes are generated from a list of random words. I developed four different grammars for the fortunes, which you can find in the backend data. (Is “grammars” the right word? I’m not sure.) Some of the fortunes, like the one above, seem to make sense. Here are […]

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CUBE: The Rollover Method Returns! Spin a cube in a 3d environment with your mouse!

Ok, so I know I promised no more updates, but this one is too cool. Basically, I combined Andy Pope’s 3d rotation tutorial with the rollover method. The result is a free-floating cube which you can rotate by passing your mouse over it. Here’s a choppy-ish video of what’s going on. I promise however that it […]

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Interactive Periodic Table of Elements in Excel

I’ve been on a real rollover kick lately. I’m really trying to figure out if it can be useful. Earlier today I started making a Periodic Table of Elements using Excel. I employed the rollover technique to allow the user to gain information about an element simply by rolling over a cell. Well, for some reason, […]

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Turn an Excel Spreadsheet into a Bitmap Image

So I’ve created a spreadsheet program that will import a selected bitmap and use Excel as a canvas to display it.  Each cell is a pixel.  Here’s a picture of president Obama in 8-bit glory: And here’s my current March Madness bracket in stunning 24-bit: You can download the file below, and instructions are included […]

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