September 8

Get a free bonus video when you purchase Dashboards


Until the end of September, Chandoo and I will be offering a free, one-hour bonus video with all purchases of Dashboards for Excel.

Here’s how to qualify for this offer:

  • Purchase a copy of the book form Amazon (you can also buy it from a bookstore, but I’m not sure if they’ll be on shelves by the end of September)
  • Email a copy of the purchase receipt to [email protected]
  • We will send a link to watch the bonus video (we plan for it to be available in first week of October or thereabouts).

Order your copy today! 

The easy way to copy and paste an entire worksheet.

Here’s a quick tip before I go. Chances are you already knew it. But I’m never surprised anymore by how much I learn from others even this late in the game. And in case you didn’t already know it, it will make your life easier.
So sometimes I want to copy an entire worksheet tab into a new workbook where it can exists on its own. Previously, I would start up a new workbook, press CTRL+A and copy everything over. This method has its faults: sometimes formats don’t copy over correctly, sometimes what’s being copied is just too large for the clipboard. Turns out, there’s an easier way.
You can right click the worksheet tab you’re interested in and selected Move or Copy….
This brings up the Move or Copy dialog box.
First, you’ll check “Create a copy” at the bottom of the dialog box. In the first dropdown, you’ll select “(new book)”. When you press OK, the entire worksheet will have been copied exactly as it appears into a new workbook. You can also copy the worksheet into an already open workbook by selecting the desired tab from the dropdown.
What a time saver! I wonder how I missed this all those years.



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  • The problem I have with this approach is that it copies in cell styles. We often receive data from clients in spreadsheets. When people copy it into our analysis model, it brings in cell styles. In some cases, 1000s of completely unused styles which have accumulated in the client’s spreadsheets over time. This can severely bog down our calculation intensive model. I once cleaned a model of 60,000 useless formats for a colleague.

    • That’s a good point. As with all tips, care is required. My use of this tip has been in issuing ad hoc reports. I would receive a bunch of data and turn it into different reports residing on different worksheet tabs. At the end of this process, I would then copy each tab into new workbooks to deliver the reports separately.

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