January 29

Global Excel Summit 2021


Global Excel Summit 2021

This is not our typical Excel blog post or video.  This is a promotional video that will play at our exhibitor booth the Global Excel Summit.

However, it does contain insight on what the Excel TV Academy is all about (including a coupon code).  So I thought it would be nice to share here in the event anyone wants to see what the Academy is all about.

 Excel TV Academy 50% Off Coupon Code: ges2021

The Global Excel Summit that is coming February 6-9, 2021. It is a virtual conference, so you can enjoy this from the comfort of your own home.

15% Off Coupon Code: Excel.TV-15%

Over the next few weeks we expect to share interviews with Oz du Soleil (a presenter at the summit) as well as interview with the conference coordinators who can show us all what a virtual conference is all about.

Excel TV is proud to be the Lead Media Partner for the virtual conference.  We have also signed on to be an exhibitor.  So there will be plenty of opportunity to reach out virtually during the conference.

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I am the Director of Business Intelligence at a Consulting Firm and am responsible for leading reporting and analytics deployments. I am also a Founder at Excel TV and am dedicated to making this community a home base for Excel users. A place where experts share strategies to Cleanse, Automate and Visualize data.

Rick Grantham

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