The Great Excel Debate – version 2015-01-27

Excel Debate

Rick took the week off.  And when the cat is away, the mice will play.  Excel TV followers from around the globe sent in their questions.  It was like trivia night at your favorite karaoke bar (minus Ice Ice Baby).  Excel MVPs, Authors and Trainers bellied up the internet and waxed poetic.  Maybe I didn’t use that term correctly. And then perhaps I double fouled by bringing attention to it.

Oh well.

The Contestants

Zack and Kevin

Excel MVPs, Consultants and Authors – Zack Barresse and Kevin Jones looked like they were on the set of The Brady Bunch.  I am certain that the background looked familiar.  I was half expecting Alice to step in-screen and offer the audience some cookies.  No such luck.  Pick up Zack and Kevin’s book on Excel Tables here.  Or better yet, just go over to the Excel Tables website and hire them.  They will bring cookies with them.

Szilvia Juhasz

Full time Jazz Singer and Part time Excel TV Correspondent Szilvia Juhasz stopped by as well.  Szylvia is one of the most creative Excel people out there.  She is located in Los Angeles, California.  It looked as though she was beaming in from a Great Aunt’s garage apartment.  The room was complete with musical instruments, a humidifier, a cats poster and what appeared to be a collage of old cheerleading pictures hanging on the wall.  The black dress she was wearing screams, “let’s get this thing over with…  I got better things to do on a Tuesday night”.  Hire Szilvia here.


Oz was… well…  Oz.  Somehow it feels like I say more about Oz by saying less.  Just sit back with a glass of cognac and wait to see what he says.  Just take him in.


Jordan served as host.  He was game show ready.  Looking like Drew Cary from his Family Feud days and running the game show from his basement like Ken Ober from the Old MTV Game Show Remote Control.  RIP Ken.

The Questions

All the questions were sent from around the globe via messenger pigeons.  Jordan’s cats sat hungrily by the opened basement window as they arrived.  Here they are…  I mean here the QUESTIONS are.  Not the pigeons.  They all mysteriously disappeared.

  • Jimmy from Arkansas asks… Who is Excel’s arch enemy?
  • Steven asks…  East Coast vs West Coast.  Who is better at Excel?
  • Random dude with a pigeon asks… If you were stuck on a deserted island, which Excel function would you take with you?
  • Clippy from California asks… Say you have a big database project and the client has Excel 2013 would you recommend PowerPivot or Access?
  • Random “One Note” dude at a conference says… One Note is more powerful than Excel.  Does the panel agree or disagree?

How would you have answered these questions?

Leave your comments below.

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