July 1

Hello world!


Excel Nerds are Welcome here.

C’mon in. Take a load off. Enjoy a warm cup of coffee by the fire.

Welcome the next phase in our experiment.  We’ve been developing and growing our show for a while now and this seems like the next logical step.

But perhaps I should back up a bit

Hit the reset button.  Not assume that you know what all this is about.  I mean…  It is a Hello World! post.  Not a Welcome Back! post.  So perhaps I should give you some backstory and let you know what this site is all about and what you can expect from subsequent BLOG posts.


So here goes.

Some friends and I started an Excel Video series

Back in late February 2014 (5 months ago), I teamed up with Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier and Excel Trainer/Consultant Oz du Soleil to launch a Video Podcast of sorts named Excel TV.  You can read more about Excel TV at the Excel TV About Me page.  Welcome to our home.

Wassup World
The Pasty Gangsta’

 <— That’s Me

Hanging out on the sofa.  Middle aged, tall, suburban white guy.  Nothing special.  White bread.

Anyways.  I emcee the Excel TV show and help to run the business side of Excel TV.  Making sure we have a URL, that videos are published, that we have some structure and a game plan.

In subsequent posts, I will leverage my broad analytical background to offer highly graphical posts to this BLOG about the uses of Excel in Financial Modeling and Process Improvement.  Think Operations and Finance.  The guts of running most businesses.  Meat and potatoes-type stuff.  Aaargh.  (that was my pirate sound)

To read more about my background you can read my About Me page.

The Dapper Gunslinger
The Dapper Gunslinger

That’s Oz —>

Chillin in the office.  Oz is your Data Goucho.  In fact, he just finished the manuscript for the book Guerrilla Data Analysis.  This is a rewrite to the classic by Bill Jelen.  Oz is all about clean data and keeping your ass out of the fire.

He rolls into town, spots the damsel in distress. Stops her from crying about her spreadsheet. Pops into the local saloon for some sriracha ghost pepper shots (or some concoction) and rides on to the next town.

One more thing about Oz.  He’s a bit of a renaissance man.  Has done a bit of everything and has a ton of interesting stories.  You will hear/read these interweaved into his future BLOG posts here on Excel TV.  Where colorful life experiences and interesting anecdotes are wrapped up into a compelling story of why and how you can improve your analytics.  Read more about Oz.

2016-04-10_11-41-40<— That’s Jordan

Down in the basement.  Jordan is best described as one of the brightest young up and coming Excel MVP’s.  A smart and savvy technician.  He is writing a book called Dashboards for Excel.

Every superhero team needs that one guy who actually gets stuff done.  The guy who can fix the get-a-way car.  The guy who knows where the kryptonite is.  Knows how to read the treasure map.

Usually those kind of people work out of their basements, have hipster beards, several cats and write manifestos.

Oh yeah –and they always live in Ohio.

In future posts from Jordan on Excel TV, you can expect deeply technical dives into the very underpinning of Excel and development.  Read more about Jordan.

Excel TV Blogger
Excel TV Blogger

That’s You —>

With your feet propped up on my new furniture.  A passionate Excel, Analytics or Business Intelligence writer.  Looking for a larger audience to share your gift with.  Tired of only 10 people reading your last masterpiece.  Tapping away at the keyboard…

Tap, tap, tap


Tap, tap, tap


With all three of us (Oz, Jordan and me) blogging on this site, content is going to add up very quickly.  Join the party.  Post your content here.  See our Guest Writer page for details.

Take a look around our new home

How was the coffee?  How was the fire?  Glad you feel welcome here.

Take a look around our new site.  Then come back here and tell us what you think.

What kind of posts would you like to read here on the Excel TV blog?  Leave your comment below.

Also…  we are BRAND new.  Like…  shiny new.  Help get the word out. Hit one of those social sharing buttons and tell your friends about what we are building here.  Join our newsletter below so that we can let you know as we release new posts and videos.

Until Next Time

Be A Spreadsheet Champion

Rick Grantham


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  • Once again, this is EXCEL-lent!
    I love how you introduced yourself and everyone. Even the cats of Jordan are featuring on the album. (Laughs).
    Good job!

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