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Google Is Your Friend

Never thought I would type those words. 🙂

Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier’s previous challenge posed the question,
What Is The Longest VBA Command You Can Think Of?

He was so inspired by the variety of answers that the challenge was used for two episodes.  We are a creative bunch here at Excel TV.

And the variety of answers looked something like this:

  • Application.AutoFormatAsYouTypeReplaceHyperlinks
  • Application.AutoFormatAsYouTypeReplaceHyperlinks
  • Application.AutoFormatAsYouTypeReplaceHyperlinks
  • and of course
    • Application.AutoFormatAsYouTypeReplaceHyperlinks

Riveting stuff, right?  Sent in from Excel bloggers, etc.  Jordan forgot one important element to his quest for the perfect answer…  when people are watching your show on the internet… it means they have access to… the internet.

Jordan carefully selected a winner at random from the pool of successful entries.  The winner – Hamilton Rosario.

Congrats Hamilton – You will get you choice ofJordan’s Book – Advanced Excel Essentials or Bille Jelen/Szilvia Juhasz’ Book 40 Greatest Excel Tips Of All Time or Excel TV alumnus Oz du Soleil’s book Guerrilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel.

How Many Excel Users Around The Globe?

Jordan’s expands on his bewilderment of Google, by asking a question that he doesn’t know the answer to… and likely only has internet to help him figure it out.

Inspiring, isn’t it?

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  • Well, going by what Microsoft by the Numbers tells me:

    There are 1.2 billion users of Office worldwide – since I have no way to verify that, I’m going to assume the folks at MS know what they are talking about.

    In my own office, I’d say that only a third of the Office users ever touch Excel – and that might be generous. However, other offices are more data oriented than mine, so let’s assume that 65% of all MS Office users actually USE excel (as more than a report viewer).
    So, my total: 780 million Excel users

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