December 6

Introduction – Excel In The Wild


Introduction – Excel In The Wild

ExcelWild LOGO ColorIt’s time! Excel in the Wild has started. We’re taking conversations about Excel and data out into the wild! We’re going to have conversations that go beyond experts. Excel in the Wild will go beyond business uses of Excel and explore clever, non-traditional uses of Excel.

Via a live Blab sessions, we’ve had 2 fun and informative episodes. The first was with Rapper and Rap Coach, Cole Mize. How do Excel, rap and data get intertwined? Think: structure, syllable count, rhyme structure. Experience the conversation here.

The next guest was Paige Worthy a content strategist who had a lot of interesting things to say about being a non-expert with data but it’s become central to her role. Her conversation is at this link.

Excel in the Wild is using as our platform. That means that you use their “call-in” feature and immediately be brought into the conversation via webcam.

The plan for Excel in the Wild will be to hold live, raw, conversations, record them and then take the complete episodes, distill them to the finest points and post those as separate segments. But don’t worry, the full footage will remain available.

Stay tuned for more information about guests and dates.


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Oz is an Excel MVP, author of "Guerrilla Data Analysis, 2nd Ed." He's a lover of bowties and ghost pepper sriracha. Oz operates out of Portland, Or where is mission is to make data analysis accessible to those who cry out, "I don't even know where to start!"

Oz Du Soleil

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    • Thanks for asking this question. Yes! I’ll be making blogposts and summarizing the episodes. The Cole Mize conversation was nearly 3 hours so, for those who don’t have 3 hours to kill, I’m in the process of reviewing the footage and extracting the interesting ideas/findings/suggestions.

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