October 8

Logitech CRAFT Keyboard Review Part 2: A tool for Excel Creators


Hi  there, it’s Jordan — back again to talk about the Logitech CRAFT keyboard, the newest productivity keyboard from Logitech. 

In my last review, we went over the keyboard as whole. And, I’ve talked about how you can even get your hands on one for FREE. Sign up to our newsletter to find out more. We’ll let you know the details here soon. 

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In this article, I’ll give you a little more insight into the Crown, that rotating control in the upper left of the keyboard. And, I’ll answer that question burning in your mind: do you recommend this keyboard? You can learn more about the Crown by watching this video I made with Logitech!

Read on to learn more.

A Crowning Achievement

The crown is really a multi-purpose control. It provides quick access to features based on context–and it’s pretty cool.

You might consider it an another context menu but it’s more than that. However, it differs from the Windows context menu in a few ways: first, most context menus are presented through a right-click. The Crown is accessed through a tap using your left hand. This may not be that interesting by itself, but it really shines in the use of the keyboard. Because you never really break your flow to access it. Logitech’s claim is that you can continue working without having to look down at your hands. In the case of using the Crown, they were right.

Second, I’m told there will be additional features coming to build out the Crown’s menu, including allowing it to run macros and more. This may seem like same old, same old. The ability to access macros, particularly through some context menu, is really nothing to new Excel or the Excel developer. Indeed, the major change here is the intended audience.

Hear me out. Over the years, Microsoft Excel has focused on making things super shareable. When you design a macro, you’re often not just designing it for yourself but rather to help someone else. Many of us who do Excel consulting spend more time building for others than for ourselves. As we discover new things, we place them into our toolbox.

This keyboard then fills in the need that Excel developers often forget–development for ourselves! This keyboard is really all about you and your productivity. You can think of it as an extension of yourself. The macros you would create in using this keyboard would likely be designed for your productivity. In that sense, it’s all about you. And I think this is what Logitech was hoping for in developing a keyboard as an extension of the maker movement. 

And, so, in many ways this keyboard is really about allowing the Excel developer to get in touch with their own skills. As such, you likely won’t see an entire office using the CRAFT keyboard as it’s a very specialized item. Instead, you’ll see the true developers using it. It’s about allowing the people who really love developing in Excel to hone their skills and focus on creating an awesome product.

What I Recommend It?

I would recommend this keyboard for would be Excel developers and for people who see the spreadsheet as more than just a placeholder for numbers. For the people who really like to get into their work, there’s a lot of potential here. No, you’re probably not going to create macros for this keyboard that you can then send around your office. Instead, though, if you are an Excel creator, it’s going to help you create faster and better. It’s a productivity tool with you in mind. And, you know, I’m always looking for stuff that has me mind.

Stay tuned! This isn’t the last you’ve heard about this awesome keyboard. And make sure you sign up to our email list to learn how to snag one for yourself.


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