Longest VBA Command You Can Think Of – Part 2

Excel Challenge Guru Jordan Goldmeier goes to the well once again.

Little known fact amongst Excel TV insiders, Jordan Goldmeier is the leader of merry gaggle of elves here at Excel TV headquarters.

Those Elves Have Many Missions In Life

  • Mischief (like HLookup, hiding column A, etc)
  • Community work (There’s an Office 365 reference here somewhere… I just can’t seem to find it)
  • Sit on a shelf (rearrange themselves every night… boozing it up with GI Joe)
  • Coming up with Excel Challenges for Jordan

I guess the elves were zigging when they should zagged.  Because they boozed it up with Barbie, GI Joe and the Ken Doll — slept in till 11am, and completely missed the Excel Challenge assignment.

But That’s OK

Jordan is used to these antics.

Last week’s Challenge rolls over to this week.  Winner is announced on the Wednesday Sept 2nd show with Jon Acampora.

What Is The Longest VBA Command You Can Think Of?

Comments Please

Leave you guess below for a chance to win the new book by Bill Jelen and our own Szilvia Juhasz.  40 Greatest Excel Tips Of All Time. <– Click to buy.


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