January 20

What To Look For In An Excel Developer?



I’m often asked this question, so I’ve decided to give my thoughts on the matter. Previous articles I’ve read on this question often deal with typical contracting stuff; for instance, who owns the final work?

Such questions really scrape the surface of what you should look for. At a minimum, you own the client work; you expect timely delivery; and, you expect guaranteed work.

So I want to give you three questions I think folks should look for to find top-of-the-line Excel developers.

Do you train?

Obviously, some good Excel developers aren’t trainers and vice versa. But I do really think there’s added value to Excel developers who also lead training. They know how to explain complicated process to people. And they know how to manage time and expectations.

Do you have Excel community experience?

For those who haven’t compared the work of the community against the work of folks outside the community, the difference is noticeable. Being part of the community allows for continuous improvement.

Do you have a reputation?

Do they blog? Help folks out on forums? Create videos? Etc. Having an online reputation helps cement expertise.


Of course, there may be some disagreement here. I won’t pretend this list is exhaustive. But what you’re really looking for is outside expertise. I don’t think it’s enough to just be good in isolation. I don’t think people who work in isolation improve. And if you’re looking for someone to improve your condition vis a vi consulting, that person should also be interested in improving their own condition through continuous improvement and the condition of the community through contribution .

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