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Building BI with Pivot Tables Course Page

Module 1 Intro - The value of Pivot Tables
Unit 1 Business Intelligence Lifecycle
Unit 2 Why You Care About PivotTables
Unit 3 Creating Your First Pivot Table
Unit 4 DEMO Creating Your First PivotTable
Module 2 Pivot Compliant Data Sets
Unit 1 Required Data Layout
Unit 2 Connecting To Your Source Data
Unit 3 Issues Using Excel Ranges
Unit 4 Using Excel Tables
Unit 5 Building PivotTables Against Excel Tables
Unit 6 Why Excel Tables Are Better Than Ranges
Unit 7 Using Data Direct From Databases
Unit 8 Sourcing Data Direct from Databases to PivotTables
Unit 9 Sourcing Data Direct from Databases to a Table
Unit 10 Sourcing Data Direct from the Database to the Data Model
Module 3 Controlling PivotTable Look & Feel
Unit 1 Value Field Formats
Unit 2 Modifying Column Names and Number Formats
Unit 3 Report Layouts
Unit 4 Changing PivotTable Layouts
Unit 5 Grouping Data
Unit 6 Grouping Data in PivotTables
Unit 7 PivotTables Styles
Unit 8 Creating Custom PivotTables Styles
Unit 9 Sorting PivotTables
Unit 10 Sorting Methods in PivotTables
Module 4 Creating Compliant Data Sets
Unit 1 Using Power Query to Get And Transform Your Data
Unit 2 Cleaning up a Text File with Power Query
Unit 3 Appending Data Tables
Unit 4 Simple Append Operations
Unit 5 Consolidating flat files from folder
Unit 6 Consolidating a Folder of CSV Files
Unit 7 Consolidating Excel Data
Unit 8 Consolidating External Excel Data Files
Unit 9 Get Data From The Active Workbook
Unit 10 Consolidating Data From Within the Active Work File
Unit 11 UnPivoting Data
Unit 12 Unpivoting Simple Data Sets
Unit 13 Unpivoting Data With Subheadings
Unit 14 Unpivoting Subcategorized Data Sets
Unit 15 Flattening Data Sets
Unit 16 Flattening Tables with VLOOKUP
Unit 17 6 Ways To Join - Foundation
Unit 18 Flattening Tables with Power Query - The Basics
Unit 19 Join Types
Unit 20 6 Ways To Join With Power Query
Module 5 Changing Aggregations
Unit 1 Sum, Count & Others
Unit 2 Introduction To Changing Aggregations
Unit 3 Show Values As
Unit 4 Running Totals
Unit 5 Difference & % Difference From
Unit 6 Difference from X & % Difference from X
Unit 7 Ranking Items
Unit 8 Ranking Items in PivotTables
Unit 9 Showing the Top/Bottom X Records
Unit 10 Displaying Top/Bottom X
Unit 11 Calculated Fields
Unit 12 Working With Calculated Fields
Unit 13 Calculated Items
Unit 14 Working With Calculated Items
Module 6 Slicing and Filtering
Unit 1 Filtering with Classic Controls
Unit 2 Working With Pivot Table Filter FIelds
Unit 3 Filtering With Slicers
Unit 4 Working With Slicers
Unit 5 Filtering With Timelines
Unit 6 Working With Timelines
Unit 7 The "Show Details" Feature
Unit 8 The "Show Details" Feature - DEMO
Unit 9 Keep Your Pivots Looking Nice
Unit 10 Toggling Pivot Table Options
Module 7 Building Pivot Based Dashboards
Unit 1 Conditional Formatting On Pivots
Unit 2 Conditional Formatting - DEMO
Unit 3 Keeping Pivots In Sync
Unit 4 Linking One Slicer to Multiple Pivots
Unit 5 Tricks For Extracting Key Info
Unit 6 Extracting Data From Pivots And Slicers
Unit 7 Working With Pivot Charts
Unit 8 Building Pivot Charts
Module 8 Data Refresh and Security
Unit 1 Driving Pivot Table Refresh
Unit 2 Refresh Options for External Data Sets
Unit 3 Refresh Options for Local Data Sets
Unit 4 How Secure Is Your Data?
Unit 5 DEMO: Exposing Data