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Data Science with Power BI and R

Module 1 Installing R
Unit 1 Installing R – CRAN and MRAN
Unit 2 Installing MRO – DEMO
Unit 3 Setting Up The IDE
Unit 4 Installing RTVS – DEMO
Unit 5 RTVS Settings – DEMO
Unit 6 Solutions and Projects in RTVS: DEMO
Unit 7 Configuring Power BI To Work With R
Module 2 R Primer
Unit 1 Important R Objects
Unit 2 Atomic Vectors
Unit 3 Augmented Vectors
Unit 4 Lists
Unit 5 Data Frames
Module 3 Reading Data
Unit 1 Methods To Read Data Into Power BI Using R
Unit 2 Readr and Readxl Packages To Bring Data Into PowerBI – DEMO
Unit 3 PREVIEW: String Manipulations In R – DEMO
Unit 4 RODBC Package To Bring data Into PowerBI DEMO
Unit 5 Data.Table and Purr Packages To Combine Data Files DEMO
Unit 6 Combining Multiple Files Using Magrittr Package DEMO
Unit 7 Combining Excel Worksheets with ReadXL Package DEMO
Module 4 Dplyr
Unit 1 Dplyr Introduction
Unit 2 Inner And Left Joins
Unit 3 Joining Data With Different Column Names DEMO
Unit 4 Filtering Data in R DEMO
Unit 5 Selecting Columns From A Data Frame in R DEMO
Unit 6 Summarizing Data in R DEMO
Unit 7 Mutate Verb to Create New Columns in R DEMO
Module 5 Making Your Data TIDY For PowerBI
Unit 1 TIDY Data Introduction
Unit 2 TIDY Data DEMO
Module 6 Cleansing Data With StringR
Unit 1 StringR Introduction
Unit 2 Count Words Within A Text String DEMO
Unit 3 Identify Valid Email Addresses DEMO
Unit 4 Remove Numbers From A String DEMO
Unit 5 Conditional Replacements DEMO
Module 7 Using Functions for Advanced Calculations
Unit 1 Overview Of Functions In R
Unit 2 ReScaling Data DEMO
Unit 3 Calculate Distance Using A Custom Function DEMO
Unit 4 Calculate Distance Using Geosphere Package DEMO
Module 8 Data Visualization
Unit 1 Create Custom Visualizations with GGPLOT2
Unit 2 Simple Chart Using GGPLOT2
Unit 3 Additional Components
Unit 4 Chart Scales and Labels in R – DEMO
Unit 5 Available Graphing Options
Unit 6 Why Facet Charts are Beneficial
Unit 7 Create Facet Charts in R – DEMO
Unit 8 Pretty Up Your Facet Charts In R – DEMO
Module 9 Data Science
Unit 2 Popular Algorithms
Unit 3 Text Analytics
Unit 4 Introduction To Demos
Unit 5 Logistic Regression Model in R – DEMO
Unit 6 Testing Your Model In PowerBI – DEMO
Unit 7 Big Data with R and SQL Server – DEMO
Unit 8 Scoring Data with SQL Server – DEMO
Unit 9 Using Tools in SQL Server for Larger Data Sets
Unit 10 Stored Procedure Using Native Scoring – DEMO
Unit 11 Native Scoring – DEMO
Unit 12 Cognitive Services DEMO