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The step-by-step guide to build Pro Excel Dashboards and Visualizations THAT WORK

Excel Dashboard Pro is my complete, step-by-step instruction guide to developing Excel dashboards and data visualizations that will make you the data hero.

Find out what you are going to learn from our 16 Training Modules

Part 1: The Basics
Module 1 -
Dashboard Primer

Duration: 24m

- What are dashboards?
- Why is Excel the best tool to create dashboards in your organization?
- Your first Interactive Dashboard in Excel

Module 2 -
Thinking Like a Dashboard Pro

Duration: 34m

- Thinking outside the cell–what does that mean?
- Unconventional thinking: Why develop differently?
- Development principles to build like a PRO

Module 3 -
Working With Dashboard Formulas

Duration: 32m

- Make complex formulas simple
- Excel’s calculation engine–speed up those spreadsheets!
- Writing better formulas

Module 4 -
Lookup Function & Array Formulas

Duration: 43m

- VLOOKUP secrets

- Adding power with array formulas

Module 5 -
Excel Tables

Duration: 27m

- Inserting and working with Excel Tables
- Excel Table Demos
- Rules and tips for working with Excel Tables

Module 6 -
Sorting & Decision Functions with Excel Tables

Duration: 54m

- Sorting Functions for your dashboards
- Filters & SUMPRODUCT
- Filtering on Excel Tables
- Aggregation with Excel Tables

Part 2: Dashboard Development
Module 7 -
Introduction to Form Controls

Duration: 30m

- Installing the developer tab
Excel controls
- Form controls demo
- Form control basics
- Scrollable tables demo

Module 8 -
Formula Driven Development

Duration: 12m

- Excel development styles
- Information-Transformation-Presentation
- Create dashboards that always show real-time data (without the “update” button!)

Modules 9-11 -
Interactive Dashboards withExcel

Duration: 1h 7m

These modules take you through the preparation, development, and maintenance of three interactive dashboards.

- Interactive Chart Legend Dashboard

- Interactive Chart Production Dashboard
- Tornado Dashboard

Part 3: Data Visualization
Module 12 - A Primer on Data Visualization

Duration: 20m

- Visual Perception
- Gestalt’s Law of Grouping
- Preattentive Attributes
- The Problem with Pie Charts
- Data Viz vs Infographics

Module 13 -
Expanding Excel's Chart Library

Duration: 13m

- Dual Axis Banding
- Area Chart Banding
- Limit Charts

Module 14 -
Creating Bullet Charts

Duration: 13m

- Bullet Chart Demo
- Horizontal Bullet Chart Trick

Module 15 -
Infographics in Excel

Duration: 24m

- Progress Meter
- Donut Charts
- Waffle Unit Chart
- Bringing it all together with the Camera Tool

Module 16 -

Duration: 3m

- Course Review
- Suggested Resources

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