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Small Business Excel BUNDLE

16 Templates for the Small Business Owner
2 eBooks

Price if sold separately - $247

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  • SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING            3 Excel Templates
  • FOCUS ON CUSTOMERS                      4 Excel Templates
  • OFFICE & EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT    4 Excel Templates
  • PRODUCTS & SERVICES                          2 Excel Templates
  • FINANCIAL ANALYSIS                             4 Excel Templates
  • Video Tutorials
  • PDF eBook: 101 Ways To Get More Customers
  • PDF eBook: 10 Hurdles And How You Can Win The Race
  • OFFICE & EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT     4 Excel Templates

Total 16 ready made templates and video tutorials, ready for print. More then 100 pages content, containing endless ideas how you can improve your Business in 2 eBooks!


  • Marketing Budget - Marketing is essential to your profitability and growth. Track your marketing budget to ensure you allocate enough money to marketing and spend it wisely.
  • Direct Marketing Analysis - Track the profitability of your Direct Marketing campaign. Analysis includes breakdowns of all costs, as well as automatic calculations for # of Units for Breakeven, Response Rate for Breakeven, and Gross Margin per Product Unit.
  • Direct Marketing Promotion Comparison - Compare key metric for multiple Direct Marketing promotions. Identify your most profitable campaigns.

Marketing Template Bundle
3 Excel Templates


  • TO Do List - Focus your attention to your most critical CORE business tasks
  • Issues Log - Improve accountability for your company’s projects by tracking due dates and task ownership
  • Shift Planner - Keeps track of your employees shift schedules for the week. Easily printed so that the schedule can be posted for your team.
  • Vacation Planner - Improve vacation planning to ensure that you have adequate coverage during the holiday season. This 2013 calendar keeps track of vacations that are planned for the entire year. Built for a team of up to 12 employees.

​Office & Employee Management Solution
4 Excel Templates


  • Invoice - Improve the rate of data accuracy. By generating invoices, the process of sales and purchases becomes more efficient and well organized.
  • Purchase Order - Easily track and manage incoming and pending orders. This provides you economies of scale, in that it streamlines the purchasing process to a standard procedure
  • Job Estimate - Easily track and manage your work estimates with your clients. Taxes and Totals automatically calculate. Professionally designed for sharing with your potential customers.
  • Multiple Price Estimate for Services - Keep track of multiple job quotes for the same client. Quick summaries that allow your client to see the impact that every job has on the final price estimate.

Focus On Customers
4 Excel Templates


  • Moving Average Sales Forecast - Better predict your future revenue stream. The forecast calculates future revenues based on 3 month, 6 month and 12 month averages.
  • Breakeven Analysis - Analyze the relationship between fixed costs, variable costs and returns. Identify how many unit must be sold before your investment is profitable. Look at profitability potential whether 100 units are sold, or 1,000 units are sold.
  • Return on Investment Analysis - Analyze the profitability of your decisions based on the “Time Value” of money. Quickly analyze the value of an investment that has a small, quick return vs a larger, long term return

​Financial Analysis
3 Excel Templates

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  • Inventory List - Optimize your re-order strategy while minimizing the need for unnecessary storage. Summary statistics include Average Unit Price, Inventory Value, # of items in stock, and several others.
  • Product Profitability Analysis - Identify your most profitable products. Maximize your winners and eliminate your losers.

Products And Services

2 Excel Templates