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In a survey, targeting small business owners on LinkedIN - more than 80% answered the question:

Q: What is your biggest business frustration?

We need mor​e customers!

This HIGH number leads me to the following question:

How can it be that most small Business Owners are overworked, stressed and don’t have time for family and private life while at the same time they don’t have enough customers?...

Hi. I am Rick Grantham. I am a professional technology consultant and a Small Business Owner. As a consultant, I have walked the halls of the largest companies, the finest Universities and even the smallest of local government offices. I regularly travel all over the United States and the World to consult with clients. They use large, expensive, industrial strength software.

By contrast, I am also a Small Business owner. I come from a family of small business owners. I see the struggles that small business owners face. 50% of Companies do not survive their first 5 years of business.
50% = the flip of a coin. Small Businesses fail at such an alarming rate because they lack the tools, resources and know-how of the Fortune 500 companies. Instead of having a complete understanding of the numbers that drive their business they believe that the next customer they get will solve their problems.

Most small business owners spend way too much time and money on non-productive tasks that they overlook their CORE business metrics. They can’t identify their least profitable customer, jobs, or employees. Wasting a lot of personal time and money without business coaching, proper tools and training. Limited by their small business budget.

Are you one of those hard working entrepreneurs that feels like your company is on a treadmill. Going through all the motions, but not moving forward? Tired of just “getting by”? Looking for a more efficient path?

So if getting new customers is the biggest frustration of most entrepreneurs, then how can you free up your time and money? You need to streamline your business so that you can get off the treadmill and chase the profitable customers, jobs and employees.

The MATH is easy:

Less administrative hassle = More time to GROW your business

A strong thriving business = FREEDOM

In my travels as a technology consultant, I have helped many companies eliminate unneeded business waste and improve their focus on CORE business metrics. If such systems are in place, their productivity SKYROCKETS. That is why so many large software companies can charge millions of dollars to the largest companies on the planet.

The Advantage:

  • LOW Price – Peanuts, the cost of one meal
  • Advantage over the competition – know your CORE numbers
  • Time to focus on your CORE business decisions
  • Time to GROW your business
  • Tips for Customer Acquisition and Marketing
  • Minimize Mundane Administrative Tasks
  • Time to LEAD your company
  • Your LIFE back

You DESERVE it. Your Business DEMANDS it.

SMALL BUSINESS CHAMPION BUNDLE is the secret weapon that gives you the tremendous advantage over your competition that you have always looked for.

Short-Cut Tools engineered specifically for the needs of the Small Business Owner. Developed in Microsoft Excel to keep the costs affordable and the learning curve low.

Listen. I am not going to jerk you around like those multi-million dollar software companies with their big licensing fees. The truth is, I really enjoy building these solutions. They are the highest quality that you can find. Guaranteed. I am pretty proud of them – my name is on every one - I don’t hide behind some corporate logo


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Rick Grantham

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