December 19

What the ModelOFF competition says about the future of Excel


Back to regular life…

We had such a great time at ModelOFF, it’s hard to go back to the slow pace of real life.

I know that we at Excel.TV always go back to this point. But Excel is so much more than a boring software program used by boring people. Excel has a lot of power. It was the power to model incredibly complex systems, particularly in the finance space. All of ModelOFF’s contestants, not just the finalists, prove that the spreadsheet application is still one of the most important tools to business.

More than that, those who work with Excel, are more than just boring accountants. They represent a range of individuals from various backgrounds. Smart, talented, hard-working individuals who help shape the product.

The most dangerous program in the world

The last several years have heard calls from skeptics who’ve claimed that Excel is the “most dangerous product in the world.” Other have tried to knock Excel off with gimmicky data visualization software. Still, others have simply attempted to write Excel off as an immature programming platform.

And yet, Excel is still around; ModelOFF is more popular than ever; and, as we enter in to the near Year, Excel.TV is being watched in record numbers.

We are the strong voice that proves Excel’s worth. Because, we not only believe in the product, we believe in ourselves and our ability to use the product to make a difference. The humble spreadsheet application is not going anywhere anytime soon, and neither are we.

Keep on calculatin’ my friends….

And, Congratulations!


winners1-600x333 (1)

Congratulations to Diarmuid Early for winning this year’s ModelOFF competition. And also… for just being a great sport!

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