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This is the second in a series of interviews targeting people who “Make a Difference” in the Excel community. Authors, Blog Writers, Teachers, excel help gurus, etc. If they are a Microsoft Excel expert — then I am trying to tackle them and get them to speak to you here. Many of these interviews will be video skype interviews, and others will be text.

Mynda Treacy, Excel Excel Trainer and Blogger. Mynda, along with her husband Phil, runs My Online Training Hub. Mynda is based out of Australia. Mynda’s site provides training in Excel, Word and Outlook.  Additionally she runs a Blog that is updated at least weekly and is well known for her Excel Dashboard course.  During the interview, Mynda recommended Excel Functions, Books, and gave her opinion on Excel Certifications.  Are they worth it?  Hit PLAY to find out.

How to Find Mynda Treacy

Other Sites Mentioned…

  • Mr Excel – This link takes you directly to his products page, which includes his books and ebooks.
  • Excel.Tips.Net – A store of ebooks that are specific to areas that you want to learn, like Pivot Tables.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Enter – Demystifying Array Formulas — by Mike Girvin
  • ExcelIsFun – Youtube Channel by Mike Girvin
  • ExceVBAlIsFun – Youtube Channel by Dan Strong
  • Best Excel Books – My Listing of Excel Books (yo…  check it out)

Thank you Mynda

Thanks for joining us Mynda.  Please stick around in the comments section in the event that my readers have questions for you and would like to learn more about your products and services.

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