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Oz’s Excel Tip: Keep a Workbook for Random Data in Excel


Welcome back to another episode of Excel.TV where Oz du Soleil shares his Excel tip. Here it is: always have a workbook with random data.  With this workbook, you'll have a ready made resource to test your dashboards, workbooks, and financial models. 

In this video, Oz goes through his many worksheets showing off fake data. I actually don’t have a workbook like this. (It's a good idea to create one, I must admit.)  didn’t want to leave you empty handed, since at the end, Oz says to “Go make your own,” random data workbook. And I need to create a workbook like this too! 

Resources you can use to generate fake and random data

So I figured as I went out to make my own random data worksheet, I'd share my resources with you so that you can make your own. Below I’ve collected a list of resources to help you get started.

How do you generate random data? 

Let us know in the comments.

  • Rohn007 says:

    Numbers are easy, but names are a bit of a puzzle for me. I’m wondering if they have links to some sort of census site. I’m hoping someone will do the work and share a workbook in the comments.

  • Rohn007 says:

    Here is another possible source

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