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Done with your analysis and now you want to move your data somewhere else, but it’s too voluminous and just won’t move easily? Well, there might be many things keeping you from transferring the data. It might be that available RAM isn’t enough, the processor size just isn’t helping or it is just taking a lot of time.

Well, don’t sweat! Our very own Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier (aka Option Explicit) has an easy solution for us.

So, let’s get started!

1 – Go to Sheet Options

This step is easy. Go to where your sheet with the data appears on the bottom-left corner and right-click on it. A menu will appear. Now select “Move or Copy…” as shown in the image below.


 2 – Move or Copy

First, select the location you want to copy or move the data to. You can select any of the workbooks currently open from the dropdown menu, as pointed out in the image. Alternatively, you may ask Excel to create a new workbook by selecting “(new book)”.

Also, as depicted in the image, do not forget to check the box to ensure that the sheet is copied. Otherwise, it will just be moved to the new location.

After selecting the workbook and before pressing “OK”, you might want to select between which sheets your data sheet should be moved/copied to. Or you may ask Excel to keep it at the end.


What’s next?

Moving or copying your data will never be a pain again. Try this neat trick out now!

And do not forgot to share this awesome tip with other Excel aficionados like you.

Jamani Arsalan


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