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People Tools and Processes in Excel Development – Excel Topics

Is it OK to just be good enough at a tool?

(heh, heh… he said tool).  I digress.

Or rather, is it good enough to think that a tool will solve your problems?  I definitely get sucked into being distracted by the next new shiny object.  Which usually sets me back because I now have to learn to do my old process in a brand new tool.  But dammit! I just can’t help myself.  It’s so shiny 🙂

And as a Six Sigma Blackbelt bigot, I think process trumps all.  (Rick finds a way to work his resume into his post — points scored)

So how do you juggle these three in your Excel development?

Let’s say you are building an Excel application like Nick Green over at .  Do you build a tool that is all things for all people?  Or are the existing tools that do that… the PROBLEM?  And so you need to find a way to balance process for the people in your new tool (bam.. all 3).


Then hit one of those social sharing thingamajigs?  Or put your name and email address in that popped up that showed up in the bottom-right of your screen.  Let’s be honest…  you want to know what happens next.  Spoiler alert… clowns and confetti are involved.