Excel Power User's Quick Guides

by Szilvia Juhasz


2 Pager Quick Reference Guide For The Excel Power User.

"Excel Help" is no help at all. These guides are "Laminate Worthy" and are custom built for the Power User. Includes:

  • Shortcuts & Timesavers for the Power User
  • Quick Reference Guide for LookUps and Conditional Calculations

Shortcuts & Timesavers

Forget trying to learn every shortcut in "Excel Help". Your time (and brain space) is more valuable than that, right?

Excel Author, Consultant & Trainer Szilvia Juhasz has condensed the most critical shortcuts and timesavers. The Guide is specifically designed for those that want to save time by cutting hours out of their work week.

LookUps & Conditional Calcs

Got a big pile of data that you want to clean up quickly? (Thought so). This quick reference guide is great for Analysts looking to add a few extra hours of productivity to their week.

LookUps section includes VLookup up to the left, INDEX & MATCH and more.

Conditional Calculations include "straight up" and "wildcard" versions... Plus the "hella complicated" version.

Quick examples and Gotchas (Pitfalls) are included.