Excel Power User's Starter Kit

by Szilvia Juhasz


The MUST HAVE formulas for Excel Power User's to increase your productivity!

Over 40 pages of quick how-to-training modules to increase your skills

Will also send you a BONUS Excel based practice file to give you a competitive edge in the workplace

Excel Power User's Toolkit


Shortcuts for EASING into becoming a Power User - Pain FREE

Complex Formulas

The Road to Power User-dom - Mastering Complex Formulas

Logical Tests

Master Logical Tests in Excel.  Excel Intersections & More.

John Beacham Accounting Professional

This eBook/Starter Kit contains a wealth of examples and explanations to enrich the day-to-day excel hacker's skills. It will enable them to become what I believe the author had in mind when she put pen ot paper, or should I say keystrokes to the computer screen, the Excel Power User.

Excel Is Easy To Learn... Difficult To Master

Q: What's Your Biggest Excel Problem?
A: The Problem Changes Everyday

As an Excel User, the problems that you need to overcome change daily

  • Inheriting someone else's spreadsheet & logic
  • New requests from your manager
  • Scrolling through hundreds of possible formulas
  • Inefficient or slow calculations

    You Deserve A Shortcut Guide

    Most Excel User's spend hours on the internet looking up shortcuts and tips. Browsing Excel forums and Facebook Groups. Looking for someone who had a similiar problem.

    And because business problems change almost daily, the search for a shortcut happens almost daily.

    This why Excel Author & Excel TV Co-host Szilvia Juhasz developed the Excel Power User's Tool Kit Volume 1.

    A step by Step eBook that gives you the most used formulas and tips by her students.