Today we have a live coverage all the way from our reporter Carl Pepperseed! Let’s get to it.

1 – Background

Andy McAdoo was able to combine five years’ worth of credit card statements, travel history and phone records, and merged them all in a spreadsheet. And with the support of advanced tools in Excel, he was able to compile evidence that his wife was having an extramarital affair.

2 – His Next Move

Mr. McAdoo did not stop there. He was never interested in using the FREQUENCY array function and make a histogram. He instead used Excel’s Power View to generate an animated scatter plot of the whole 5-year period.

Most men would’ve stopped there and confronted their wives, but not him! He went on to successfully predict the timing and location of the next rendezvous between Ms. McAdoo and her lover.

3 – The Last Straw

He set up a stakeout right outside the hotel. Unfortunately for him, he hid behind a fire ants nest. Now he’s in intensive care.

If only he had known he was supposed to figure out the spatial distribution of the fire ant mounds in the locality, he wouldn’t have gotten anaphylactic shock in his feet and loose teeth from falling on his face. But what’s done is done. Say your prayers, gentlemen!

What’s next?

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