Not, if you can't do DATA SCIENCE.

Finally, the ONLY course where you can learn to use R DATA SCIENCE for POWER BI

Today, it's not good enough to know just Excel.
Excel is part of the Data Ecosystem, which is made up of other tools and languages like Power BI and R, both of which are used for more than just data analysis. 
In fact, today's analysts like you need to know DATA SCIENCE.
This course will teach you how to do Data Science in R and then to visualize those results in tools like POWER BI.


Data science is in. Right now, companies are building their data science ranks. Many of the new data scientists are coming fresh from school but, unlike you, don't have business experience. Add Data Science to what you already know, and prepare to be a rockstar. 


This information is so new, we're confident this is the only course out there right now that brings it all together. This course combines data analysis, visualization, and even machine learning to make you that indispensable expert at your office.  


Learn how to build right the first time and quickly apply your knowledge to future work. 


This course was Ryan Wade, speaker and trainer, with over 20 years experience in this space. He brings his hard won knowledge across a career with with Power BI, T-SQL, R, Excel, DAX, SSAS Tabular, SQL Server Machine Learning Services, Python, VBA, Office 365, SSIS, SSRS, and Microsoft Access. And, as with all of our courses, it comes with our Excel TV guarantee. 

Data Science with R for Power BI is the quickest way to start building data science projects in the Microsoft ecosystem.

 Learn QUICKLY from 6 comprehensive lessons with over 8 of video content + 1 Bonus Module. 
Module 1: Installing R to your system
- Installing R - CRAN and MRAN
- Setting Up The IDE
- Configuring Power BI To Work With R

Duration: 31m

Module 2: R Primer
- R Objects, Vectors, Lists
- Data Frames

Duration: 30m

Module 3: Reading Data In
- Methods To Read Data Into Power BI Using R
- Readr and Readxl Packages
- RODBC and PowerBI DEMO
- Purr Packages

Duration: 1h 5m

Module 4: Manipulating Data with DPLYR
- Dplyr Introduction & Manipulation
- Summarizing Data in R DEMO

Duration: 42m

Module 5: Using TIDY To make your data ready for Power BI
- TIDY Data Introduction
- TIDY Data Demo

Duration: 10m

Module 6: Cleansing data with STRINGR
- StringR Introduction
- Identify Valid Email Addresses DEMO
- Remove Numbers From A String DEMO
- Conditional Replacements DEMO

Duration: 45m

Module 7: Functions for Advanced Calculations
- Overview Of Functions In R
- ReScaling Data DEMO
- Calculate Distance Using Geosphere Package DEMO

Duration: 20m

Module 8: Advanced Data Visualization with GGPlot2
- Custom Visualizations with GGPLOT2
- Chart Scales and Labels in R - DEMO
- Facet Charts and More - DEMO

Duration: 37m

From Ryan Wade, Excel.TV Data Guru

Welcome to my course!

I have over two decades of experiences helping people get more from their data. I've done it all: Power BI, T-SQL, R, Excel, DAX, SSAS Tabular, SQL Server Machine Learning Services, Python, VBA, Office 365, SSIS, SSRS, and Access. So I know a lot about data, and I'd like to share what I know with you!

Data science is the single most important enhancement to our field. 
My course will show you how to use data science so support your Excel and Power BI projects. And, because I'm an analyst like you, I'll show you what you need to know without leaving the Microsoft ecosystem.

I believe in giving you what you need to know and nothing else.  So join my course! I can't wait to see you there. 


Here's What You’ll Get

Hours of video content, 9 lessons and  lifetime access!

Quizzes, demos, labs, and bonuses keep your sharp. Use what you learn immediately!

Get the help you need. Excel TV will be there to guide you throughout the course. Leave a question under any video when you need help!

Is this Course Right for You?

This course is not for everybody.


  • You believe you can enhance your career with data science skills.
  • You are a longtime professional, student or junior employee, or recent career changer looking to get in front of leadership and management.
  • You want to differentiate yourself in your office by having the best skills for the job.
  • You love getting your hands dirty with data and learning code.


  • You are looking for a course on learning artificial intelligence or big data.
  • You are looking for a course that will teach you Python.
  • You are looking for a quick guide that does not require time, effort or work.
We Stand Behind our course!

When you buy this course, you get the Excel.TV Guarantee. We guarantee you'll immediately learn to build awesome Pivot Tables and deliver insightful Business Intelligence to your managers and stakeholders.

We're so confident in our product, we're happy to guarantee its success. If you don't find immediate value within the first thirty days, we promise to give your money back. And we don't play games.

That's right, it's our no-questions-asked policy. Let us know within 30 days of your purchase you'd like a refund. IT'S THAT SIMPLE.

Enroll now and get these bonuses!

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You also get access to our awesome courseware! When you purchase this course, you can begin immediately. Because we host everything ourselves, there are no third parties! You deal with us directly!


Free 1-hour webinar recording
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​Get free access to one of Ryan's talks usually given at conferences. We're currently in the process of recording his webinar! But we'll let you know when it's up! 

This is a benefit exclusive to course takers. 


Bonus Module 9 - Machine Learning!

We're even working on a bonus module for this course.

This module includes 2 Hours of totally original content showing users how to use MACHINE LEARNING, TEXT ANALYTICS, REGRESSION AND CLASSIFICATION in R with Microsoft services! 

This is a benefit ONLY for the people who've signed up to the course!

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Add DATA SCIENCE to your tool set! Get Data Science with R for Power BI Today!