October 21

See you at the Global Excel Summit!


See you in London, April 2020!

I’m super excited to let you know I’ll be teaching a session at the Global Excel Summit this April in London! 

The speaker lineup looks to be incredible, and includes Excel greats like: Celia Alves, Randy Austin, Boriana Petrova, Leila Gharani, Danielle Stein Fairhurst, Cristiano Galvão, Gašper Kamenšek, Michael Olafusi, Purna Duggirala, Sumit Bansal, and Oz du Soleil

The Global Excel Summit Playlist

To celebrate – and to help you get acquainted with the speaker line up – I’ve created a playlist of content from each speaker. To watch the playlist, you can click here to go to youtube, or simply press the play button above. Below, I’ve included each video in the playlist separately. 

Are you planning on attending? 

To learn more, go to globalexcelsummit.com to buy a ticket. If you’re in or around the London area, let me know in the comments – we can meet up! 


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