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Development Principles for Excel Games and Applications

This is part of a series called “VBA4Play,” written in conjunction with Excel game developer, Cary Walkin, for his blog. Many thanks to Cary for inviting me to write a few tutorials for his series. My development approach is different from Cary’s. To be sure, there are many different development styles when in comes to […]

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Spreadsheet Guidelines and Best Practices

Today, I found this journal article, The role of OR [Operations Research] specialists in ‘do it yourself’ spreadsheet development, from the European Journal of Operational Research, by John S Edwards, Paul N Finlay, John M Wilson. The article outlines 20 Guidelines for Spreadsheet Development and 21 Best Practices Points, which I excerpt below. Guidelines for Spreadsheet […]

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Toward a Proper Excel Filename Style

Most importantly, use your wordsAn ideal Excel filename should be two or three succinct words and contain few numbers. Current operating systems no longer constrain filename character length, so there is neither excuse for nor cleverness in using shorthand. Capitalize each word as you would a document title.     Only abbreviate proper nounsIf your […]

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