Streaming Thoughts from Modeloff

I am sitting in the Modeloff FINALS Ceremony.

First things first…

Smart group of people here.  I am used to walking in almost any room and being pretty sure that I know Excel better than anyone else in the room.  WOW.  Am I ever out of my element here. These people race each other in Excel FOR FUN.

And they are FAST

Second Things Second…

The format of the day is kind of cool.

They went through HOURS of testing.  Solving problem after problem.  In as much as their is pride from the finalists, there is an even greater pride the ‘Question Designers’.  These are the people who take great pride in creating questions that will make analysts cringe.  If they make an analyst cry, then all the better.

After the testing…

The finalists were brought into the AWARDS Ceremony.  Surrounded by family, friends, peers and sponsors.  Good people.  People happy to be here.  Initial awards were handed out before moving on to the Excel Golf.

[EDIT: Almost forgot.  Since people are coming from all over the GLOBE, a classy video montage was put together of family/friends from around the globe wishing their best of luck.  It was touching, funny and very classy]

Excel GOLF

Here is the format…  2 groups of eight are given 7 minutes to solve an excel problem in the fewest number of keystrokes.

few keys strokes = lesser is better = golf = Get IT?

There is a video explanation of this that will come in the next 24 hours.


Top Undergraduate Student – David Lune – University of Melbourne $1,000

Top  Graduate – Blaire Alexander – $1,000

3rd – Peter Suen – Clean Energy Finance – $5,000 -tie

3rd – Michael Clarke – PWC – $5,000 -tie

2nd – Alvin Woon – $10,000

Grand Champion –


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