August 11

This Excel Keyboard Shortcut Hack – Save 10 Hrs Every Week


Imagine a situation where in you applied some border, changed font color, did something with alignment, added a background color or even added some formulas to that cell or group of cell,

How to get rid of every thing that you applied to that cell.

One thing which 90% of the People would do is Remove border, Press the delete key to delete the data or formula, make the font color to no fill, and for conditional formatting to that cell you will remove formatting to that cell to make that portion of worksheet as default.

Some would also delete the Entire row or column to get rid of all these (Or Even some would do that piece of work in New Excel Sheet)

Now why we need a better solution ?

As you all know method which i specified above is a time consuming method often requires around 15 seconds of work. Even deleting a row or a column does not work as data in adjacent cell would get deleted.

So what to do in this cases ? Its simple (Did you know an Excel Hack can do this in just 1 second) Sounds interesting … [Continue to read]

The Ultimate Solution is a Simple Keyboard Shortcut

Let’s go step by step, (There are 3 Steps)

Step 1: Select the data which you want to remove


In the above case one needs to select the cell colored with green (Please Remember I have formatted that cell with some border, text color, cell color, wrap text, merge and centre etc. You may also add some other formatting)

Step 2: Use this Mastermind Keyboard Shortcut


Please Note: Don’t press all keys at once , select the cell or a group of cells and then press Alt and then release that key and quickly (in fraction of seconds) press E and then release that key and then press A and then also release A and press A in fraction of seconds

It’s hard to remember keyboard shortcut ? Yes it is very hard and hence i have a trick

Remember the above keyboard shortcut as Alt Erase All All. This statement would make this keyboard shortcut a lot funny.

Thanks a lot. Hope you liked it. Let me know your feedback in the comments section.

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The Excel Rollover Mini FAQ
  • haha not bad, but i prefer a custom button in the QAT for that. Even faster. Note this action is summarized just as : Selection.Clear in VBA.

  • Might as well use the current keyboard path: Alt-H>E>A
    It is definitely worth learning and using the keyboard shortcuts to commonly used ribbon functions. Excel helps you out with that, showing the Underlined shortcut letter at each step.

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