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10 hours left to get My Excel Dashboard Pro Course

Hi, all. I was debating doing a post on this, but the books say to do it–so I will! (Who am I to second guess the wisdom of online marketing eBooks?) Hopefully, many of you have already signed for my free 3-part video series. (Once you put in your email, you’ll be emailed a page with the […]

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FREE 3-part Dashboard Video Series

Hi there, friends. In celebration of my new course for Excel.TV, I’ve released a free 3-part video series around building dashboards. The videos are as follows: Awesome Benefits of Building Dashboards With Excel 5 Rookie Dashboard Mistakes That Even the Experts Miss Excel Dashboard Questions Answered All you need to do is go to […]

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A Dashboard Video Course

Hi, there! Long time no see, am I right? Well, most of you have realized that my major focus this last year or so has been developing Excel.TV. And boy, what a I ride it’s been. Excel.TV now boasts tons of content. And, for the first time ever, I’m proud to introduce my first video […]

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Excel Requests – HTTP for Humans

Written by Bjoern Stiel APIs are the lifeblood of the internet, providing access to bits and bytes that make our personal and professional worlds work. For example, Quandl provide a vast amount of financial and economic data through their API, while GitHub and StackOverflow let you pull out all sort of user and repo data through their API. But how do we communicate […]

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Advanced Excel Essentials for $10

EDIT: Unfortunately, the deal has ended. I’m writing this from my car on my way to visit family so forgive the brevity and potential spelling errors. Thanks to fellow Apress author, Debra of, for letting me know! You can get my first book in ebook/pdf format for $10.00. Follow this link to get your […]

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Enlarging Form Control Option Buttons

In a previous tip, I had complained about form control option buttons. I had argued they suffer because you can’t change the font size nor the “punch circle.” But then an idea dawned on me that builds off of that previous tip. We could use the same dynamic described in that earlier article and combine […]

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Better Option Button Controls

So let’s take a look at your standard form control option buttons. In the image below, I have three buttons linked to cell F3. Cell F3 shows a three since the third option button has been selected. But I’m not in love with option buttons mostly because I can’t really do a whole lot of […]

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Dude, where's my book?

Yes, it’s delayed, but hopefully not for long. Apress has decided to use their new cover design for the book. That means the new cover needs to get approved by the higher-ups, which has taken some time. But once approved, the book goes to print. Here’s that new cover design, by the way. Pretty snazzy, […]

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Get a free bonus video when you purchase Dashboards

Until the end of September, Chandoo and I will be offering a free, one-hour bonus video with all purchases of Dashboards for Excel. Here’s how to qualify for this offer: Purchase a copy of the book form Amazon (you can also buy it from a bookstore, but I’m not sure if they’ll be on shelves […]

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Dashboards for Excel… it's finally finished!

It’s finally done! That’s right: the entire manuscript is done and in production. It’s going to the printers soon. My publisher hasn’t yet updated the Amazon page, but the planned release date is September 15th! Now, as you might recall, we spun out eight chapters from Dashboards to become Advanced Excel Essentials. So if you already […]

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Long time no see

It’s been a long time since you last heard from me. Several things have happened in my life. Well, first, I had to get a job. My consulting business was doing well, and I was actually pretty good at it (at least, I thought so). But circumstances unforeseen changed what I had to do next; […]

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Advanced Excel for Business – less than two weeks left to sign up!

If you’re in the Ohio Miami Valley, then don’t miss my Advanced Excel for Business workshop! There are still spots available, so don’t miss out. Remember, aside from the awesome skills you’ll learn, you’ll also get a free copy of Advanced Excel Essentials and a catered lunch. What could be better? Click here to sign up […]

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PASS Business Analytics & Free Preview Session Webinar

So there’s been a lot of anticipation about this year’s PASS Business Analytics conference in Santa Clara, California. There will be a veritable Excel “dream team” (there words, not mine) presenting at this years conferences including yours truly, Rick, Oz, Rob Collie, Chandoo and more. Ahead of this year’s presentation, I’ve provided a preview webinar called […]

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Colors and Excel

The theme colors for Excel 2013 are probably the best scheme to date. However, sometimes I’m looking for another palette for my work. For instance, the colors used in this picture of a decisions support system developed in Advanced Excel Essentials are from another palette. For these colors, I use a terrific tool colored Color […]

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Why I don’t like RUN buttons

When I first started this blog, I thought to myself: VBA is wonderful and amazing—there’s nothing you can’t do with it. I still love VBA, don’t get me wrong, but my relationship with the scripting language has changed considerably over the last several years. On a recent Excel.TV episode, Rick rightly pointed out the irony […]

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