January 16

Top 5 Quick Time-Saving Excel Shortcuts



In this universe of crowded excel shortcuts, let me share with you five less-known shortcut keys of Excel which I believe a lot of you wouldn’t have used till now. I have handpicked these based on the use case from my interaction with 2,000+ classroom participants. I’m sure it will help you.

List of Shortcuts covered are:

  1. Ctrl + A after introducing a formula
  2. Shift + F3
  3. Ctrl + ~
  4. Tab
  5. Shift + Tab

Ctrl + A After Introducing A Formula:

Whenever you write a formula like Vlookup normally what we do, we write = Vl and press Tab so automatically it comes and we click the fx (function) button to complete the formula. Next time we won’t do this. Next time we will write = vl, press Tab and then press Ctrl + A. It automatically gives us the function argument box. And it works with all formulas.


(Picture 1)

Tab Function:

If I put = SUM, then press Ctrl + A to open function arguments box. If you put a dummy number 1 in the box, then press Tab writes 2 then press Tab 3 automatically comes.

Shift + Tab:

If I want to go to the previous box than Shift + Tab key and we can change the number. TAB key for forward and Shift + Tab key for the previous box.


Shift+ F3:

If we press Shift+ F3 than an automatically Function Argument Box opens and we can manipulate the numbers as we wish.


(Picture 2)

Ctrl + ~:

If we want to see all the formulas used in your file, then the shortcut key Ctrl + ~.     

                            4                                                                                              (Picture 3)

What is a back quote? We will get two different characters on the same key immediately above on TAB key. One is back Quote ` another is Tilde ~.


If we press Ctrl + ~ we can see all the formulas on the page.

I create a lot of posts around excel tips and tricks. If you have another useful excel shortcut close to your heart, comment here.


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  • Very cool! Love the PIP effect with Risabh speaking in the corner.
    My favorite Excel shortcut is Ctrl+1 to launch the format cells box. Great way to quickly reformat data in any format desired.

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