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002: How To Make Excel Faster

How to Make Excel Faster Friday Fire is back with an all new episode on how to speed up things in Excel. I present two ways to make things faster: Replace repetitive volatile formulas (like NOW, RAND, etc)  with a named range where only one volatile formula resides. Root out spreadsheet errors and handle them […]

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001: Build a Map in Excel with Conditional Formatting

Welcome to Friday Fire Hi everyone! After some hiatus, Excel.TV is back and ready to begin sharing to our community like never before. We’ll be doing that with all my new series, Friday Fire. It’s designed to help you end the week on a high note, with tips, tricks, comedy, interviews and more. But the […]

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SSSVEDA DAY 7 – Every Team Needs Someone Who Understands Data

Oz has dedicated this episode to explaining the importance of ‘understanding data’. It is different from ‘doing data’ or ‘following instructions’. Let’s get to it. 1 – What’s What Following instructions is a mindless task. And often, in face of exceptions, it is improbable the set of instructions would cover them. Doing data is about […]

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SSSVEDA DAY 5 – When Data Analysis is Wrong

In this episode, Oz discusses the dos and don’ts of a sticky situation: when one’s data analysis is wrong! If your work involves a lot of number crunching, do read it. Let’s get started. 1 – The Situation Oz was processing commissions for some month and the numbers just looked plain wrong. He checked the […]

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Jon Acampora of 

Rick:  Next up is our special guest Jon Acampora. You may remember Zack Barresse mentioning Excel MVP John Acampora of Jon, say hello and tell us what ExcelCampus is about? Jon:  Hello and thank you for having me. ExcelCampus is a blog that is about learning how to use Excel and saving time with […]

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Nick Green of

Nick Green of joins Excel TV host Rick Grantham and cohost Microsoft Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier and author and Excel TV Host Oz du Soleil on Excel TV discussing the development and release of his Excel forecasting tool at Rick: Our special guest is Nick Green from Columbia by way of Australia. Welcome […]

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Ken Puls of

Rick: Welcome to our special guest straight out of Canada, Mr. Ken Puls of I first became aware of Ken a year and a half ago when I was stalking his Twitter feed and Facebook page. He was about to get 100 Facebook page likes and he said whoever is my hundredth like I […]

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SSSVEDA DAY 4 – Sharing the Excel Knowledge

The theme of today’s episode is about finding better ways to get the job done. And nothing helps take the Excel community towards this end better than sharing of Excel knowledge. To demonstrate this, Oz will be describing one of his own experiences from the early days. Let’s get to it. 1 – Doing the […]

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Today we have a live coverage all the way from our reporter Carl Pepperseed! Let’s get to it. 1 – Background Andy McAdoo was able to combine five years’ worth of credit card statements, travel history and phone records, and merged them all in a spreadsheet. And with the support of advanced tools in Excel, […]

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Isn’t it just frustrating to receive a copy-paste summary table that requires analysis? Yes, we’d rather have the data source, which we can turn into a pivot table and analyze to our hearts content. Well, the world isn’t perfect, but Ken Puls has a trick up his sleeve that can potentially save us from tons […]

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SSSVEDA DAY 3 – Peek Inside My Excel Work Environment

There is always a set of problems we repeatedly run into as data analysts. We promise ourselves to fix them one day but that day never comes. Well, today might just be your lucky day. Oz is here to share with us some tips and tricks that has helped him smooth out his workflow. Let’s […]

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SSSVEDA DAY 1 – Beware of Ghost Peppers & Suspect Excel Charting

What to do when you are offered ghost peppers or Trinidad scorpion peppers? Which one would you choose? Oz is here to help us out. Let’s get started! 1 – The Evidence The chart on the right displays the Scoville Heat Units (SHU) of different peppers. Poblano isn’t even that hot. And Trinidad scorpion peppers […]

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Using the Immediate Window – Excel VBA Tips

We all know that VBA allows us to create Macros in Microsoft Excel which does complex tasks in an easy way. You can create a Macro for tasks which you are supposed to do repeatedly. But, while writing VBA code we come across some issues or errors and finding them would be hard. So, we […]

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Chandoo Excel Interview – Pointy Haired Dilbert –

Purna Duggirala, or Pointy Haired Dilbert, of Chandoo.Org and joins Excel TV host Rick Grantham and cohost Microsoft Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier and author and Excel TV Host Oz du Soleil on Excel TV. Rick: All the way from India, welcome Purna Duggirala AKA Chandoo AKA Pointy Haired Dilbert!  Chandoo, welcome to the show. […]

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Kari Finn of Microsoft MVP Program

Kari Finn, Manager of Microsoft MVP program joins Excel TV host Rick Grantham and cohosts Microsoft Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier and author and Microsoft Excel MVP Oz du Soleil on Excel TV. Rick: Kari joins us from Microsoft in Redmond. Would you mind saying hello and tell us a little bit about yourself? Kari: I […]

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