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Excel Book Author Oz du Soleil – Excel Expert Interviews

This episode’s special guest is an Excel expert, consultant, blogger and book author. Yes, our very own Oz du Soleil. He discusses the progress on a book he’s writing on Excel and his upcoming online show on Excel. So, let’s get to it! 1 – Full Contact Data Management You guessed it right! His new […]

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Excel Consulting Tips: Using OneNote and Random Generators

Worried with organizing Excel workbooks and formulas associated with it? Most of us who deal with Excel in our daily life which has formulas, conditions and many things associated with it. Have you ever thought organizing Excel sheets and formulas and other stuff related to that at one place? It is really a cool idea […]

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Excel Prevent Buttons, Shapes and Objects from Resizing – Excel Tricks

Are you fond of using Dashboards in Excel? I know you would say “Yes” and why not everyone likes it. It is one of the beautiful things that can be done using Excel. So, we would have many objects to make Dashboard looks pretty. In that, we would want to insert a header, new rows […]

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Johann Odou, CoFounder of ModelOFF

ModelOFF is a, annual, two-hour, online contest in which thousands of people from over hundred countries compete. As you might have guessed it, the contest aims to square off Excel and Finance geeks in a bid to find the best, or the smartest, financial modeler. In the video below Johann describes some very interesting aspects […]

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Excel MVP Jon Acampora – – Excel Expert Interviews

VBA Pro Course Rick: What’s going on with the VBA Pro Course? Jon: My VBA Pro Course takes you from a beginner to a pro level. Excel Training Style Jordan: Is this on your own learning or is it guided learning? Jon: It is based on my own experience with VBA trying to use real-world […]

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Excel Requirements Gathering Process – Excel Dashboards

Excel consultants know that requirements gathering exercises can look deceptively simple. Whether that be for creating a dashboard for the client or an Excel application, there is always something in hindsight that one could have done better. Let’s not depend solely on our own mistakes to become better Excel consultants. Our in-house team of Excel […]

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Michael Alexander – Bacon Bits Blog – Excel Expert Interviews

Excel MVP Michael Alexander of the Bacon Bits Blog at discusses how his blog began and his work with Szilvia on the Excel themed cocktail book.   DataPig Blog Rick: Talk about DataPigTechnologies and your blog? Michael: Bacon Bits Blog is my blog I started in 2009 as a way to sell Boot Camp. […]

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Weird Things You Can Do In Excel

Excel is a data analysis and visualization tool. But is this all there is to Excel? We will let our in-house experts, accompanied by Excel MVP Mynda Treacy, answer this question for you. So, let’s begin. 1 – 3D Excel Reports Spreadsheets allows users to visualize data in 2D as arrays. But, it turns out, […]

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Power BI in Gartner Magic Quadrant – Excel News 2016-02

Excel.TV News & Articles Oz gives some helpful tips in tackling complex excel formulas. In this Excel Tip, Oz walks you through a real life example where a long complex formula may normally be used. Our very own Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier lets us know how to auto resize an Excel spreadsheet with VBA and […]

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Who Is Considered The Father Of Pivot Tables? – Excel Challenges

Hi Again! Excel TV is back with new Excel Challenge. Excel MV Jordan Goldmeier brings new challenge and before to going for it, let us have a look at the previous week’s challenge. Last Week’s Challenge You can create in-cell Sparklines using the REPT formula and the “pipe” | symbol. There are two commonly used […]

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Getting Started w/ Power BI – Ginger Grant – Power BI Consultant

How do you get started with Power BI? Szilvia: From the perspective of an Excel person, how do you get started with Power BI? Ginger: When Microsoft was trying to get into Power BI, they asked what they needed to do and the answer was obviously Excel. Everybody had Excel and everybody knew Excel. In […]

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Ginger Grant – PowerBI Blogger at

Ginger Grant, an Excel Trainer, blogger and PASS Business Analytics Conference speaker focusing on Power BI and all the Power Excel Tools, joins the Excel TV panel to talk about Excel, data and Data Science.  Check out her blog, What Is Your Website About? Rick: You have a website called Would you mind […]

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Index Function In Excel To Move Columnar Lists To A Grid

Sometimes we have analyze or sort through data all of which is in a single column. The problem occurs when not every entry in that column represents the same type of data. For example, you might have names, addresses, email IDs and so on, all in just one column. It is really difficult to analyze […]

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CTRL + SHIFT Excel Shortcut – Drag Copy of Shape Along A Grid

Have you ever faced problems while making copy of buttons in Excel? We normally do so by dragging the button with the CTRL button being pressed. But, you might have seen that dragging by holding the CTRL button, does not allows you to move on the plane or line you want. To be frank it […]

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Fonts That Make Bars Look Filled & Complete – Excel Challenges

Hey folks! Welcome. Excel TV wishes you a very happy new year. Excel Author Jordan Goldmeier is ready with the first Excel challenge in 2016, but as usual before looking at this episode’s challenge, let us have a look at answer to previous episode’s challenge. Last Week’s Challenge Correct Answer from last week’s Challenge If […]

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