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Auto Resizing an Excel Spreadsheet For Your Dashboard

Do you know that Excel allows us to zoom to a specified area in your work sheet? Yes, you heard it right. Suppose, you have an Excel sheet and while doing demo or so, you want to zoom to specified area, it can be done easily. Our very own Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier lets us […]

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Tackling Complex Formulas in Excel

When dealing with a small but complex set of calculations, it is very tempting for many of us to put long, complex formulas in a few cells. Or sometimes, as Excel experts, we would be asked to find calculation errors in such situations. Of course, who wouldn’t like to have neat-looking workbooks? But there is […]

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PASS BA 2016 Speakers Announced – Excel News – 2016-02

Excel.TV News & Articles Microsoft Excel Video Course Diva and Excel MVP Mynda Treacy joins Excel TV host Rick Grantham and cohosts Excel Author Szilvia Juhasz and Microsoft Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier to discuss Excel training programs. Paige Worthy takes us into her world. Watch this Introduction video about Data Perspectives from an Unwintting Analyst […]

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How to Create Excel Training Courses with Mynda Treacy

Microsoft Excel Video Course Diva and Excel MVP Mynda Treacy, who runs the successful online Excel Training program (at with topics ranging from Excel Dashboard to Microsoft Word and Outlook courses, joins Excel TV host Rick Grantham and cohosts Excel Author Szilvia Juhasz and Microsoft Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier to discuss Excel training programs. […]

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Excel Book Authors Share What They’ve Learned About Writing Excel Books

In this episode, Excel TV guest Excel MVP and author Oz Du Soleil joins Excel TV host Rick Grantham and cohosts Excel Author Szilvia Juhasz and Excel MVP and author Jordan Goldmeier in discussing what they have learned about writing Excel books. How do you work through writers block? Oz: It helped to get people […]

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Fixing Excel Dashboard Blunders – with Excel MVP Mynda Treacy

Mynda Treacy runs a successful online Excel Training program (at ) with course topics ranging from Power Pivot to Excel Dashboard development. Mynda joins Excel TV host Rick Grantham and cohosts Excel Author Szilvia Juhasz and Microsoft Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier to discuss Excel Dashboard Blunders and WWMD???  (What Would Mynda Do?) First, Excel […]

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Dynamically Select Different Chart Types – Excel Dashboard Tips

Most of us employ Excel to analyze data in search of some insights. For us, this is an enjoyable step. The not-so-pleasing step is the one that follows data exploration: presenting our findings. It is not an easy job to decide which chart-type will depict our analysis in the best possible way to the end […]

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Excel Trivia for Power Query with Excel MVP Ken Puls

Wait Wait Don’t Excel Me!  It’s trivia time.  I’m going to give you some clues about a formula or an Excel or a Power Query term and you were going to guess what term or formula of which I am thinking.  The first person will score a point. Clue One: Q: In Excel, this function […]

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Top 5 Quick Time-Saving Excel Shortcuts

In this universe of crowded excel shortcuts, let me share with you five less-known shortcut keys of Excel which I believe a lot of you wouldn’t have used till now. I have handpicked these based on the use case from my interaction with 2,000+ classroom participants. I’m sure it will help you. List of Shortcuts […]

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How To Make A Calendar Table With Power Query – Excel Tips

People who work with PowerPivot a lot know the importance of dates to analytics. If our data does not have a calendar or a date column, it will be very hard to get to calendar intelligence or derive time-based insights. Now, there are various ways to go about doing this. But the best one is […]

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How To Make Radio Buttons Larger With Excel VBA

Microsoft Excel allows you to create the form with radio buttons, text boxes, check boxes and everything needs to complete the form. Here’s the problem though, form elements in Excel are small and you can’t make them larger. Even if you try to make them larger you are not lucky enough as it does not […]

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Change Text Color & Font In Excel – “How To” Tutorial

Have you ever thought to change text color and font in Excel? Till now, we are only aware of how to change color and font for the entire cell contents. Yes, right? But, sometimes you would be needed to change text color and font. I mean changing the color and text to little piece of […]

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Query Active Worksheet – Excel Power Query Tips

Let’s say we just got handed a report in Excel and have been asked to calculate various things from it. And the report looks something like the image below. Now, there are two ways to go about it: Use VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH and IF statements to calculate all the statistics we need. Convert the sheet […]

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How To Calculate RGB Colors In Excel? – Excel Challenges

In previous episode Excel Author Jordan Goldmeier challenged you on ColorIndex property. Did you answer that? Hope you found that interesting as it is always good to learn new things in Excel. Even in this episode, Jordan continues to challenge you a bit more in Excel. Get Ready Folks! Last Week’s Challenge First, let us […]

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Colors Available in ColorIndex Property – Excel Challenge

Have you answered the previous Excel challenge on Financial question in Excel? In this new Excel Challenge Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier comes up with an idea to test you a bit more about Excel. Let us look in to that. Last Week’s Challenge Eager to know about the present episode’s Excel Challenge which tests your […]

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