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Interactive Excel Dashboard Tips Using Slicers and Pivot Charts

We, as data analysts and Excel experts, are always trying to hunt down new and better techniques to create dashboards. Be it in terms of either design or interactivity, there is always something out there which will appeal to us. In the same vein, Excel MVP Mynda Treacy is here to show us some cool […]

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Sum Multiple Columns With Excel Macro – Excel VBA Tips

In high-pressured meetings with Chief Executives, no one would want to be seen as clumsy or slow. And we, as data analysts, are assumed to be fast with navigating spreadsheets or calculating various stats. It is certainly not a good choice to let anxiety take the best of us in front if the C-suite. But, […]

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What Function Helps You Determine Monthly Loan Payments – Excel Challenge

This time Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier comes up with the Financial functions in Excel. This proves that Excel is useful for every field. Apart from learning new things in Excel, Jordan told that this is the perfect time to win cool prizes. Last Week’s Challenge Before getting in to the current episode’s question, let us […]

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Using Named Formulas In Excel – Like Yesterday()

What if there is a way to define new formulas in Excel without using VBA? One would be very skeptical of any such claims. But, believe it or not, it is true. Think about how easy such a technique would make your life. Not only would it allow you save a lot of time, the […]

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Excel Summit South 2016 – Excel News – Week Ending 2015-12-18

Excel.TV News & Article Szilvia Juhasz (aka XSzil) demonstrates how to use VLookup to the left. We all know that VLOOKUP works to the right (of the column with the lookup value). But what if we want the ability to lookup a value to the left? Check Out the Video Tutorial. It’s time! Excel in […]

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Random Sorted Order without Repeats Using Excel Formulas

There might be times when you need to shuffle a list of distinct items. It can be to run a simulation analysis, to pick a random sample for statistical analysis or to just have some fun. All you have to do is generate random integers between 1 and the size of your list. And then […]

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Make Nested IF Functions Readable With This Tip – Excel Tips

Most, if not all, pieces of analyses in Excel employ the IF function numerous times. In fact, it is one of those functions which analysts and Excel experts play with a lot. And, because of that, nested IF functions result much more often than one would imagine. Well, that doesn’t sound like a problem in […]

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Dashboard Rescue with Excel MVP Michael Alexander

  In this episode, Excel TV guest Excel MVP Michael Alexander joins Excel TV host Rick Grantham and cohosts Excel Author Szilvia Juhasz and Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier in discussing the DO’s and DON’T’s of data visualization…..avoiding the dreaded ice cream sandwich syndrome! Data visualization can enhance the message you want your metrics to display […]

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VLookup To The Left With The Choose Function – Excel Tips

We all know that VLOOKUP works to the right (of the column with the lookup value). But what if we want to the ability to lookup a value to the left? One solution is to use INDEX and MATCH together. Well, there is another, more elegant solution. And Szilvia Juhasz (aka XSzil) is here to […]

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30 Updates to Excel 2016 – Excel News – Week Ending 2015-11-27

Excel.TV News & Articles Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier shows you an efficient way to Paste Data to a New Excel Worksheet.  This is particularly useful for large data sets. Michael Alexander of DataPig Technologies shows you how he uses White Space to Make Dashboards more readable.  If you missed it, Michael is also the author […]

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Fall 2015 Fashion Collection for Financial Modelers

Just In Time for Excel Black Friday Shopping Frenzy!!! Join Excel TV host Rick Grantham and cohosts Excel Author Szilvia Juhasz and and Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier — featuring ModelOff Cofounder Johann Odou – in presenting Excel TV’s first ever Excel TV ModelOff branded Fall 2015 Fashion Collection! For your most discriminating fashionistas, try these […]

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Using White Space In Excel Dashboards – Excel Tips

Whoever has been tasked with making a dashboard ever knows that there are three aspects to it: Business acumen: choosing which metrics are relevant to the problem at hand, amongst other things. Technical capability: working out the macros and complex functions to make sure the dashboard is user-friendly. Design element: ensuring that the numbers and […]

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Paste Data To New Excel Worksheet – Excel Tips

  Done with your analysis and now you want to move your data somewhere else, but it’s too voluminous and just won’t move easily? Well, there might be many things keeping you from transferring the data. It might be that available RAM isn’t enough, the processor size just isn’t helping or it is just taking […]

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Right Align & Indent Numbers in Excel – Excel Tips

Clean presentation is one of the marks of an Excel expert. If you know you’re good, why let sloppy presentation of your work ruin your perception? Look at the table on the right. A list of 5 numbers has been presented in 5 different formats. While the data is not aligned in columns A, C […]

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Excel MVPs Convene At Microsoft MVP Summit – Excel News – Week Ending 2015-10-30

Excel.TV News & Articles The winner of this week’s challenge will win an ebook version of Jordan’s new book! What Financial Function Returns The Number Of Periods To Pay Off A Debt? Szilvia Juhasz hosts her Excel Trivia show “Wait, Wait, Don’t Excel Me”. – Where Excel MVP and Excel TV MVPs match wits in […]

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