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Excel Trivia Game Night with Excel MVP Jon Acampora

Join Jon, Jordan and Rick in a game of “Wait Wait Don’t Excel me!” Rules – No cheating! Right?! Goal – Name that formula! Q: This function can really bring you down. It’s certainly where you’ll find yourself after one too many Power Pivotinis. Answer…anyone? Anyone? Unanimous Panel Fail! A: Floor function! Brings you down! […]

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Number Of Period Required To Pay Off Debt – Excel Finance Function Challenge

Hundreds Of Millions Guess Wrong In our last episode, Jordan poses the question: Which Version of Excel has the Hall of Tortured Souls Easter Egg? Of the alleged millions of Excel TV viewers that pondered the previous episodes challenge there were exactly zero correct answers. Congrats: No One You are the winner of Nothing. Your […]

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Dashboards For Excel Book Released – Excel News – Week Ending 2015-10-16

Excel.TV News & Articles Excel Experts discuss the topic about how expert Excel programmers form alliances with the IT department.Are alliances even necessary or are they a waste of time? The expert panel discusses about using Excel for Business Intelligence and Analytics – strategies, pitfalls, and stories from their experience as Excel developers and Business […]

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Change Sheets Names – Excel VBA Tips

We all are aware of the basic methods of referencing worksheets in our VBA code. Two of such methods have been illustrated in the picture on the right. But there is one inconvenience in putting these methods to use: the differences between sheets is getting lost in the semantics. Our very own Jordan Goldmeier (a.k.a. […]

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Excel for Business Intelligence & Analytics

Whenever one talks about the use of Excel in business intelligence (BI) and business analytics (BA), the role of the IT department springs up to the discussion. The fact of the matter is that IT personnel are seen by many BI or BA Specialists as obstacles in adoption of BI systems. From their experience as […]

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Hall of Tortured Souls – Easter Egg Challenge – Excel TV Challenges

Jordan Asks A Question Without Knowing The Answer? Jordan starts out the segment by admitting that he didn’t know the answer to the previous episode’s challenge. You know… the question that he is tasked with crafting (along with the help of the Excel Tv elves). This is not a surprise to the seasoned Excel TV […]

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Excel Programmers and IT Alliances – Excel Topics

Being Excel gurus in your offices or Excel consultants to many different companies, you are always assumed to be at odds with the IT guys. But the need of the hour is not to have these alpha battles but to collaborate effectively. The technology landscape is changing really fast and the business needs are evolving […]

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Office 2016 Release Date – Excel News – Week Ending 2015-09-18

Excel.TV News & Articles Michael Alexander of DataPig Technologies and the BaconBits Blog joins us on Tuesday Sept 15th. Listen to a video discussion about his fascination with pigs and bacon, and Excel dashboards. Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier aka Option Explicit explains How To Run Macros In Protected Worksheets Watch and check this another Excel […]

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How To Run Macros In Protected Worksheets – Excel VBA Tips

We know that human error often messes up complicated calculations or elegant models set up in Excel. For this reason, many of us protect worksheets using “Me.Protect” within our macros. But there is a drawback in doing that. Protecting sheets disables macros from running!! Worry no more! Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier aka Option Explicit is […]

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VBA Pro Course Now Available – Excel News – Week Ending 2015-09-11

Excel.TV News & Articles Excel Challenge Guru Jordan Goldmeier goes to the well once again for the challenge Longest VBA Command that you can think of. Win the new book by Bill Jelen and our own Szilvia Juhasz. Bill Jelen (Mr Excel) explains how to use “Ctrl + BACKSPACE” to bring your active cell back into […]

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How Many Excel Users Around The Globe? – Excel Challenges

Google Is Your Friend Never thought I would type those words. 🙂 Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier’s previous challenge posed the question, What Is The Longest VBA Command You Can Think Of? He was so inspired by the variety of answers that the challenge was used for two episodes.  We are a creative bunch here at […]

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Excel Shortcut – Ctrl+BACKSPACE – Active Cell In View – Video Tutorial

One of the benefits of being Bill Jelen (Mr Excel) is that people send you all kids of tips. This tips was submitted for consideration for Bill Jelen and Szilvia Juhasz’s book 40 Greatest Excel Tips of All Time. Here Is The Scenario You have a ton of data, and you are scrolling all over […]

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ModelOFF Global Training Camps – Excel News – Week Ending 2015-09-04

Excel.TV News & Articles What is the Longest VBA Command that you can think of? Win A Free Copy Of Guerrilla Data Analysis V2 by Oz du Soleil and Bill Jelen. Oz explains how to use the “Quick Explore” to drill in Pivot tables. A stress-free way of drilling your data! Watch this video featuring […]

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Longest VBA Command You Can Think Of – Part 2

Excel Challenge Guru Jordan Goldmeier goes to the well once again. Little known fact amongst Excel TV insiders, Jordan Goldmeier is the leader of merry gaggle of elves here at Excel TV headquarters. Those Elves Have Many Missions In Life Mischief (like HLookup, hiding column A, etc) Community work (There’s an Office 365 reference here […]

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How To Concatenate In Excel – Ampersand Shortcut

Using Ampersand Formula In Excel Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier notes that although this quick tip if fairly straightforward, a lot of people don’t know it. First off… Define Concatenate In the simplest terms… its slamming the contents of cells together. Like having the first name in one cell and the last name in a second […]

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