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We broadcast 20 times a year, 5 times a quarter. Usually every other Tuesday night at 9:05pm Eastern time. But instead of trying to remember which week and which time… just check this page and watch it right here.

Episode 31 Dick Moffat from Dick Moffat’s Spreadsheet Blog The episode is scheduled for Tuesday July 14, 2015 at 9:05pm Eastern.  Should be fun

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  • Jim Burch says:

    Grats on New Website.

  • Debate question:
    Over the years, most of us have used command buttons and various other controls on worksheets to trigger macros. It is common knowledge that ActiveX controls in particular are plagued with problems.

    Are user intefaces (UIs) created on worksheets in the era of the Ribbon obsolete?

    Custom Ribbon UIs are by design predictable, consistent and accessible. Seven years after the Ribbon was introduced, new Excel applications are still designed with legacy UIs. Is Ribbon customization with XML so painful to master? or is UI usability a lesser priority for Excel developers?

    What Makes a Design Seem ‘Intuitive’:

  • Ryan Wilson says:

    V-lookup should only be used if copy and pasting values. Index/match should be used in all other cases, because the column number parameter in V-lookup is static and doesn’t change (unless you use the columns function, which most don’t). If a co-worker or your boss is to ever use your file, they may end up inserting a column and throwing off what the V-lookup was supposed to return. The error can go unseen. Index Match avoids this error possibility.

    • Oz Du Soleil says:

      Ryan, that’s a fresh perspective, and one that I agree with.
      90% of the time that I use VLOOKUP 1. it works, 2. I copy/paste-as-values 3. Done!

      If there’s going to be a lot of sorting, insertion and deletion, yes, VLOOKUP gets really fragile.

  • Thanks Excel.Tv team for making it LIVE 🙂

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