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What Function Sounds Like a Number But Returns a Date? Excel Challenges


What Function Sounds Like a Number But Returns a Date? Excel Challenges

We do things a little differently here at Excel.TV.

On most websites, you might expect that Excel Challenges and Problems were scored based on their accuracy.  Particularly when a high-end designer Excel.TV beer coozie is at stake.

If Answers to Excel Challenges were based on accurate answers, we would have plenty of winners.

Here is one such example from Bill Jelen “Mr Excel”


Sounds Legit?  Right?

Well, it probably is.  But it wasn’t the answer that Jordan was looking for… so too bad.  You must try again for your chance at a beer coozie and Excel Tables Book by Kevin Jones and Zack Barresse , Bill.  But please realize that in addition to the correct answer, Jordan may just as likely be thinking of the number “42”.  So take your chances.

2015-02-03_20-55-27What Function Sounds Like a Number but Returns a Date?

The challenge was offered March 10, 2015. Leave your guess in the comments section below.

While We’re Here…

We learned some important things in this episode.

Like… having the right answer to the challenge is not good enough.  Regardless of the correct answer, you must guess the answer that Jordan is thinking about. Like the Amazing Carnac, you must know ahead of time what Sis, Boom, Bah refers to.

Previous Episode’s Winner

Congrats to Rob Waardenburg for winning the previous challenge. The year that sparklines were added to Excel was 2010 — or version 2010.  Catch the previous Excel Challenge here

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  • What Function Sounds Like a Number but Returns a Date?
    Given that any “date” in Excel is actually a number disguised (formatted) to look like a date, the answer to Jordan’s question is technically limited to “There isn’t one”!
    However, I suspect that’s not the answer he is thinking of, so I’ll try another tack. I can’t think of or find any function that “…sounds like a number…”, but can imagine some people think that the DATEVALUE function would return a number when it actually returns a date.

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