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Jordan offers up this question…

What year were Sparklines added to Excel?

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In Other News…

Later in the episode, our guest Excel MVP Kevin Jones offered up a copy of his book on Excel Tables to the winner.  You got to check out his book.  It is here.



Previous Episode’s Winner

Congrats to EJ for winning the previous challenge. The name of Mr. Excel’s logo was Bubba. For reference, here is a clip from one of our previous episodes where Bill Jelen discussed Bubba. http://youtu.be/PCLTe-ASgBQ?t=19m5s

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  • My answer is Sparklines were added in Excel 2010. In earlier versions of excel sparklines were not added by microsoft but still the concept of IN CELL CHARTS can be made via functions like REPT. But the formal feature of sparklines added in Excel 2010. This version released in June 2010. As far as developer i dont know and not sure when actually sparklines were added to excel. As a user its in 2010. 🙂

  • Sparklines debuted as an add-in called SparkMaker from Bissantz in late 2007. (The concept of sparklines debuted in the July 2006 book by Edward R. Tufte called Beautiful Evidence.) Microsoft added sparklines as a built-in Excel feature in Excel 2010 (duplicating all of the functionality of SparkMaker, rendering the add-in obsolete). Excel 2010 went to the first beta on August 2, 2009. My answer: 2009.

  • I am guessing 2008. I know there were first in Excel 2010 and the beta was released in 2009 but someone had to have thought about adding them way before that … so 2008 sounds perfect for me. No logic … just a guess.

  • Sparklines, out in the open in Excel 2010. Beta versions I’m not counting as being for the general public.

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