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Happy Holidays 2015

OK, so I know a few days ago I said I had written my last blog posted before the end of the holiday. But then I’ve released holiday cards in both 2013 and 2014, so this year should be no different. So I went with a topical Star Wars theme. The text being shown is  […]

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Handling Excel Rollover Popups

Various people have written to me asking what they should do about popups generated by the rollover method that don’t go away on their own. Essentially, the rollover method provides for an “on mouse over” style routine but not for a “on mouse out.” The “moat” method One method to address this is to create […]

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Turn an Excel Spreadsheet into a Bitmap Image

So I’ve created a spreadsheet program that will import a selected bitmap and use Excel as a canvas to display it.  Each cell is a pixel.  Here’s a picture of president Obama in 8-bit glory: And here’s my current March Madness bracket in stunning 24-bit: You can download the file below, and instructions are included […]

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Getting a Handle on hWnd

Sometimes, you’ll want to programmatically take advantage of Windows outside the capabilities readily available through Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). For example, both eliminating the “Close”-button or creating a more opaque background on a window require the use of the Windows API. Doing this in Visual Basic isn’t too hard, but there are some distinct […]

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