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Excel TV co-host Szilvia Juhasz is known for her creativity and talent. This week Szilvia brings us an Excel version of a great “get to know you” game.

Would You Rather – Excel Version

Would You Rather be stuck without Excel for 1 week, or… stuck in an airport for two weeks?

Mr Excel- I’d rather be stuck in an airport for two weeks, with Excel

Rick – I friggin dig the airport.  None of my kids are there.  There’s a bar.  Give me the airport for 2 weeks.

Jordan – Exactly which version of Excel are we talking about?

Would You Rather relinquish your status as an Excel expert, or… go to book signings dressed in a “Clippy” costume?

Mr Excel- I’d have to take “Clippy” on that one.  Clippy was cool once he was dead.

Would You Rather watch someone manually scroll to row 1 million only by hitting ENTER or… put drops of vinegar in your eyeballs?

Mr Excel- What kind of vinegar?  I think it would be more painful to watch the 1 million ENTERS.  I’m doing the one that’s NOT vinegar in my eyes.

Jordan- i think watching that would make me want to put vinegar in my eyes.  I don’t want to live in a world where this is happening.

Rick- Is this before or after the Easter Egg dye?

Whats Next?

Leave your thoughts below.  What would you rather question would you like for us to ask next time?  Leave your thoughts and if chosen, we will mention you along with the question.

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