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XOR Function in Excel – Exclusive OR – Tutorial and Download

Can I use Exclusive OR function XOR?

This is a new function is Excel 2013.  So if you are on an older version, you are out of luck.  I tried to pull up the attached spreadsheet that has a Mac version of Excel 2010, and I received the dreaded #NAME? error.

In the video, Oz du Soleil mentions that most explanations of this functions are programming examples. So he offers this explanation of XOR.  The example reminds me of College/University, where different combinations of prerequisites can be met to satisfy the requirement.

XOR’s options


 The Setup

The scenario is the attached spreadsheet and video is where a teacher must agree to teach EITHER:

  • a minimum of 4 classes in one section or
  • a minimum of 2 classes in the yellow section, NOT BOTH

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  • Thanks for sharing this Oz. Yes, backwards compatibility is always a concern with a new function but I can definitely see the XOR function being helpful especially for the work that I do.

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