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Zoom Size for Regions in Excel – 007 VBAExpress Forums Challenge

Hello Excel TV Lovers! Excel MVP Jordan is here with us with new Excel TV Challenge. This is one more from VBA Express Weekly Challenge. Before letting you know the present week’s challenge, let us first look at the previous week’s challenge.

Last Week’s Challenge

Last week Excel author Jordon Goldmeier asked “Who is the long running Excel MVP”. Have you answered it? We will let you know the correct answer and also the winner. Here it is!

Correct Answer From Last Week’s Challenge

So, the correct answer for the last week’s challenge is “Bob Ulmas”. Winner is “Ryan Wilson”. Congratulations Ryan Wilson! You won free ticket for webinar from VBAExpress.com. Jordon will get in touch with you and will let you know how you can claim your win!

What is the maximum zoom size for regions in Excel?

If you zoom out far enough in Excel, the name of a given named range will appear on top of it’s defined region. Have you observed it? So, this week’s Excel challenge is “What is the maximum zoom percent that will show a name on top of it’s region?”

Hurry Up To Answer

This is really an awesome chance to grab two rewards apart from learning new. Go ahead and comment your answer in Excel TV blog post or Facebook or comment on the video. You can even tweet to @ExcelTV or mail at Challenge@ExcelTVShow.com. Come On!