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Effective means of display in Excel

There are many great articles and tutorials on how to build interactive data displays in Excel. However, there are few articles on how best to effectively display data in Excel. I think this is an important subject that every Excel user should at least think about. On the other hand, I personally don’t like any […]

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Newspapers – Read Your Sources!

Update – Apologies for the bad proofreading job in the original blog post. Before writing this, I had spent the entire day writing a book proposal for a technical publisher. I was a bit burned-out. It’s an exciting time for the United States. In the forthcoming days (possibly tomorrow), the Supreme Court of the United States […]

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There are a lot of awful visualizations and info graphics floating around the internet. I’ve sent some of the worst I’ve found to my new internet friend, Kaiser Fung, at JunkCharts. His blog hosts a formidable, if unfortunate, collection of chartjunk and he attempts both to make sense of them as well as to provide suggestions on how to make them better.  […]

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