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Mike Girvin Interview – Excel Array Formulas
Mike Excelisfun Girvin author of a book on Excel array formulas joins Excel TV host Rick Grantham and cohosts Microsoft[...]
Protect Cells in Excel by Locking Scrollbar
We all know that for some problems, Protect Sheet tool under the REVIEW tab doesn’t cut it. Well, Jordan has[...]
Sorting in Excel Dashboards
We all aware of harnessing the power of VBA to dynamically sort dashboards based on user input. But is there[...]
Intersection Operator with Named Ranges – Excel Tips and Tricks
Hello All! We all are aware that VLOOKUP allows us to find the intersecting value of ranges or lists. It[...]
Inquire – Workbook Analysis in Excel
Troubleshooting Excel workbooks of others can be mind-numbing, if not excruciating. There are various tools that VBA experts have developed[...]
Remove Auto Syntax Popup – VBA Excel Coding Tips
We all love Excel and looks like there is no need any introduction for what is Visual Basic programming. As[...]
5 Takeaways From Our 2016 Reader Survey
This is our first year doing a reader/viewer survey.  I figured it would be important, but honestly didn't know what[...]
How to Change Comment Formatting – Excel VBA Coding Tips
Excel MVP Jordan is continuing the Excel VBA Coding tips. While coding comments play an important role. Comments explain what[...]

Election Map in Excel

Follow along the 2016 Presidential Election cycle with this interactive Excel map.  The map automatically counts electoral votes based on whether you select the state as being republican or democrat.

Available as a FREE Download today.