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Who Is Considered The Father Of Pivot Tables? – Excel Challenges

Hi Again! Excel TV is back with new Excel Challenge. Excel MV Jordan Goldmeier brings new challenge and before to going for it, let us have a look at the previous week’s challenge. Last Week’s Challenge You can create in-cell Sparklines using the REPT formula and the “pipe” | symbol. There are two commonly used […]

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Fonts That Make Bars Look Filled & Complete – Excel Challenges

Hey folks! Welcome. Excel TV wishes you a very happy new year. Excel Author Jordan Goldmeier is ready with the first Excel challenge in 2016, but as usual before looking at this episode’s challenge, let us have a look at answer to previous episode’s challenge. Last Week’s Challenge Correct Answer from last week’s Challenge If […]

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How To Calculate RGB Colors In Excel? – Excel Challenges

In previous episode Excel Author Jordan Goldmeier challenged you on ColorIndex property. Did you answer that? Hope you found that interesting as it is always good to learn new things in Excel. Even in this episode, Jordan continues to challenge you a bit more in Excel. Get Ready Folks! Last Week’s Challenge First, let us […]

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Colors Available in ColorIndex Property – Excel Challenge

Have you answered the previous Excel challenge on Financial question in Excel? In this new Excel Challenge Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier comes up with an idea to test you a bit more about Excel. Let us look in to that. Last Week’s Challenge Eager to know about the present episode’s Excel Challenge which tests your […]

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What Function Helps You Determine Monthly Loan Payments – Excel Challenge

This time Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier comes up with the Financial functions in Excel. This proves that Excel is useful for every field. Apart from learning new things in Excel, Jordan told that this is the perfect time to win cool prizes. Last Week’s Challenge Before getting in to the current episode’s question, let us […]

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Number Of Period Required To Pay Off Debt – Excel Finance Function Challenge

Hundreds Of Millions Guess Wrong In our last episode, Jordan poses the question: Which Version of Excel has the Hall of Tortured Souls Easter Egg? Of the alleged millions of Excel TV viewers that pondered the previous episodes challenge there were exactly zero correct answers. Congrats: No One You are the winner of Nothing. Your […]

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Hall of Tortured Souls – Easter Egg Challenge – Excel TV Challenges

Jordan Asks A Question Without Knowing The Answer? Jordan starts out the segment by admitting that he didn’t know the answer to the previous episode’s challenge. You know… the question that he is tasked with crafting (along with the help of the Excel Tv elves). This is not a surprise to the seasoned Excel TV […]

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How Many Excel Users Around The Globe? – Excel Challenges

Google Is Your Friend Never thought I would type those words. 🙂 Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier’s previous challenge posed the question, What Is The Longest VBA Command You Can Think Of? He was so inspired by the variety of answers that the challenge was used for two episodes.  We are a creative bunch here at […]

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Longest VBA Command You Can Think Of – Part 2

Excel Challenge Guru Jordan Goldmeier goes to the well once again. Little known fact amongst Excel TV insiders, Jordan Goldmeier is the leader of merry gaggle of elves here at Excel TV headquarters. Those Elves Have Many Missions In Life Mischief (like HLookup, hiding column A, etc) Community work (There’s an Office 365 reference here […]

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Longest VBA Command You Can Think Of – Excel Challenge

Last Episode’s Excel Challenge In our previous Excel Challenge, Jordan asked “What is a new chart type that exists in 2016 Excel Preview?” Here are the answers Waterfall Histogram Pareto Box and Whisker Treemap Sunburst The winner is Shaun O’Donnel.  Congrats Shaun.  Shaun receives two books Mr Excel’s 40 Greatest Tips of All Time <— […]

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New Chart Types In Excel 2016 Preview – Excel Challenge

Hello People! We are happy to meet you again with a new Excel challenge. MVP Jordan Goldmeier challenges you again in Excel, but before looking in to it, let us have a quick look at previous week’s challenge. Last Week’s Challenge Last week’s challenge was “Many functions in Excel have the same name in Power […]

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DAX Function Name Different than Excel Name – Excel Challenge

We are fresh off the heels of our greatest Excel Challenge ever.  In the previous challenge we asked our viewers “What fantastic cult movie just celebrated its 30 year anniversary?” The Excel.TV audience was spellbound.  There were no correct answers to this challenge. The correct answer would have been “Spinal Tap“. Upon further investigation it […]

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What Date Function Sounds Like a Number? – Excel Challenges

Welcome to Excel TV Challenge! MVP Jordan Goldmeier has got an amazing Excel challenge this week. Let us look at it once we are done with looking at the previous week’s challenge. Come on! Last Week’s Challenge Last week’s challenge was “What year were sparklines added to Excel?” Have you got it right? Let Jordan […]

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Cult Movie with 30 Year Anniversary – Excel Challenge

In our last episode, Jordan asked… “Before they were called Excel Tables, what name did they go by?” There were plenty of correct answers. You can find that Excel Challenge video here. The correct answer was: LISTS In this week’s challenge, Jordan channels “Friend of the Show” Szilvia Juhasz of http://xszil.com and her popular twitter page […]

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Excel Tables – What name did they used to go by? – Excel Challenge

First off let’s chat about the previous episode’s challenge.  Jordan asked What function sounds like a number but returns a date If you are the type of person that enjoys a trip down memory lane, you can find the previous episode’s challenge here Here’s the thing.  Nobody won.  No one.  Nada.   Zilch. It appears […]

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