February 21

Hire An Excel VBA or Power BI Developer or Consultant


Hire An Excel VBA or Power BI Developer or Consultant

If you have gone through any of the interviews here on Excel TV, then you know that our network includes the absolute top Excel people in the industry. Excel and Power BI authors, bloggers, trainers and consultants. Excel TV is where they come to share their story.

Leverage our network for your company or project.

Work With The Best On The Planet

Fill out the form below with your contact information.  Give as much detail as possible about your project.

  • Is it a VBA project?
  • Power BI?
  • Non-Profit organization?
  • Prefer a specific location or accent for your consultant to ensure ease of communication?
  • Specific region of the World?

Let us know.

We know most of the top gurus walking the planet.  We will hook you up with the right people.

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Are You An Expert And Want To Become Part Of Our Network Of Excel Pros?

Fill out the form and we will be in contact with you to assess your skills or the services provided by your company.


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About the Author

I am the Director of Business Intelligence at a Consulting Firm and am responsible for leading reporting and analytics deployments. I am also a Founder at Excel TV and am dedicated to making this community a home base for Excel users. A place where experts share strategies to Cleanse, Automate and Visualize data.

Rick Grantham

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