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Teach Me Excel – Webinar of the Excel Landscape

If you have watched any Excel.TV episodes, then you are very aware of my co-host, Oz du Soleil.  Oz is the host over at DataScopic.net Oz is an Excel Consultant, Trainer, Author, and Entertainer.  He is best known for taking complex Excel problems and breaking them down into digestible morsels so that you can immediately […]

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Create Drop Down Box In Excel – “How To” Video Tutorial

Drop down lists in Microsoft Excel are great for ensuring that you enter accurate data is selected in your spreadsheet. It helps to minimize rework by ensuring that accurate data is input the first time. Here is a primer that explains why you would use drop down lists…   But not everyone knows that there are […]

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Arena.xlsm Guide – A Video Game in Excel

Dude… Like a REALLLL Video Game in Excel???  Like… Free, Right? Yeah…  That’s what I thought too.  When I first chatted with Cary Walkin over at CaryWalkin.ca. I recommended Cary’s VBA tutorial BLOG VBA4Play over on my Excel Help – Resources & Tutorials page, because I was blown away by the level of detail that […]

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Create a dependent drop-down list

Excel data validation not only includes controlling a specific cell, but it also allows for creating a secondary drop-down list that is completely dependent on the first or primary list. In other words, once the first list is displayed, and a parameter chosen, then a subset might exist for any given parameter. By further defining […]

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How to Create a Drop Down List in Excel

Data validation, when used within the Excel framework, is basically a control function. In this excel tutorial I will show you how it prevents users from entering bad data into a particular cell. Most often, users inadvertently enter the information into the wrong cell, but if the cell is programmed with an excel drop down […]

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