Below is our FAQ section. If you can’t find the answer to your question, feel free to email [email protected].

A. General Queries

a. What Is Excel TV?

Excel TV is a video web series dedicated to discussing all things Excel. Most web series based around excel are focused on tutorials. Excel TV is the first to take a look at the entertaining aspects of spreadsheets. In our episodes you will find common challenges, humor, entertainment, and personal experiences. Join us as we share with and learn from the Excel Community.

b. What Is Required To Watch Excel TV And When Do You Tape?

You’ll need to have a device capable of playing YouTube videos.

Excel TV is recorded live, but you don’t have to attend a live screening to watch an episode later (although, we appreciate our live watchers who interact with us during the show!).

Episodes take place every other Tuesday night beginning at 9:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time. To ensure you don’t miss an episode, you can sign up to our Google+ page and be notified when new episodes air. You can also watch us live, but it’s necessary. After each show, we’ll break apart the episode into smaller segments during the week.

We tape 12-20 episodes a year. After each filming segment, we’ll take a small break from recording new episodes. But don’t’ worry, we still plan to be active on We might even release skits and other fun material during the breaks, so remember to stay tuned!

c. I Have An Idea For An Episode That Breaks From The Typical Format.  Are You Interested?  I Have General Comments, Feedback, Compliments, Or Money… Where Should I Send It?

Sure.  We’ll decide if it fits in the spirit of the show.  If not, we will send the dogs after you for disrespecting our time.  Scroll to the bottom of any page and leave your comment in the comment box.

B. On Air

a. Can I participate in the show while it’s live on air?

Using Google Hangouts you can ask questions during live shows. We can’t always address every question, but we’ll try out best.

You can always send a comment to us directly during or after the show over email. We might read it allowed during the next show.

b. Can I call in and ask a question via Google Hangouts?

Not yet. But we’re researching what technologies exist that might give us this capability.

C. Excel Challenges

a. What are Excel Challenges?

Challenges are a fun way to involve and reward the Excel community. Jordan thinks up most of the challenges, so if you think they’re too hard or too easy—blame him!
Each episode Jordan presents a challenge question to the audience. Usually, there is only one winner per challenge, but that may change depending upon how many prizes are available. When there are multiple correct entries, Jordan will choose a winner at random by using his Random-a-tron-3000k super computer. It’s very expensive.

b. Who can enter challenges? Is there any skill level required? What are the contest rules?

Anyone can enter a challenge. And most challenges are only a Google search away (a gave the secret!). Most challenges can answered easily even by Excel novices.
The rules are simple. You reach out to us with your answer over social media or email [email protected]. Jordan takes all those answers and chooses a correct one at random.

Challenges begin the moment Jordan reads allowed the challenge question on air. They end the Tuesday afternoon right before the next taping. Once the correct challenge answer is read on air, we will no longer accept entries.

Prizes are usually donated to us by the Excel community. We try to accommodate everybody entry, but there may be certain location restrictions. For instance, if we’re offering a book by mail, it might be hard to send it to your location if you’re outside the North America or Europe. We’ll discuss your situation to see what we can workout.

You can send all challenge related questions to us by scrolling to the bottom of any page and leave a comment in the message box.

c. Can I submit a challenge question to be read on air?

Yes, of course! We’d love to hear your questions. Make sure to also provide the answer!  Scroll to the bottom of any page and leave a comment in the message box.

d. Can I donate a prize to give away?

Yes! We are grateful for all donations as they help us continue with the challenge. Mousepads, swag, books, add-ins—we love it all. In addition, donating your prizes is a great way to help market them to the Excel community. Send your ideas to us by scrolling to the bottom of any page and leave a comment in the message box.

D. Guests of the show

a. Who are Excel TV Guests?

Excel TV guests are community leaders, Microsoft employees, practitioners, authors, and folks who just have interesting things to say about Excel. We interview many Excel MVPs, but you don’t have to be an MVP to come the show. We’re interested in folks who understand and can speak to the Excel community, using their past experiences to help others learn. There are no set criteria for becoming a guest on our show. Read below if you have an idea of who we should invite, or if you’d like to come on.

b. I have a question for an upcoming guest, can I submit it before the show?

Sure. Sometimes we’ll let you know in the episode trailer who our next guest will be. Send your question to us by scrolling to the bottom of any page and leave a comment in the message box, and we’ll ask it on air if it’s our format.

c. I have an idea for a really good guest, who can I send my idea to?

Jordan does most of the guest booking for the show, but you can send your idea to anyone. You can recommend a guest on our social media platforms, or you can send your idea to Jordan directly by scrolling to the bottom of any page and leave a comment in the message box. If you personally know the person you’re recommending to come on air, we’d love a formal introduction over email.

d. I think I would be a good guest, how can I get on?

We’re always looking for great talent to interview on air. If you think you’ll be a good interview, send us:

  • A brief bio of your past professional and personal experiences
  • A brief description of your contributions to the Excel community
  • Topics you might find interesting
  • Dates and times you’re available for an interview
  • Anything you want to share with the audience, including add-ins, industry news, etc.

We’ll let you know if you’re a good fit.

E. Excel Topic Panel discussion

a. What are Excel Topics?

Each episode, we’ll present a topic of interest to the Excel community. Topics can range from stories about our past experiences, the MVP award program, to dashboards and business intelligence. Our goal for the topic portion is to have a panel discussion on subjects that interest you but may not always receive coverage in the more tutorial based online platforms.

b. Can I submit a topic idea for the show?

Yes! We’d love to hear your ideas. Jordan deals with setting the topic for each show, so you can send your idea directly to him directly by scrolling to the bottom of any page and leave a comment in the message box. But we also welcome comments and discussion on our all our social media platforms.

c. I really agreed/disagreed with something said during the show. Will you read my response on air?

Maybe. Depends on how much you disagree with us! Just kidding. If you have a well thought out response to a discussion we on air, please send it our way or post it on one of social media platforms. You can also check out the Excel Topic Discussion page for more information.

F. Excel Tips

a. What are Excel Tips?

Excel tips is the segment of the show in which we share our favorite Excel tips. Not every panel member will have a tip to share, but we will have at least one tip each week.

Oz runs the Excel TV tips segment. He rates every tip in intervals of bottles of Siracha. Five Sirachas means the tip was spicy hot!

If you have questions about Excel tips, send  it to us…  Scroll to the bottom of any page and leave a comment in the message box.

b. Why/how do you rate tips?

Because it’s fun! Oz is looking for tips that everyone can use. We firmly believe the best advice is the kind you can use right away. And the best kind of hot sauce is Siracha. Getting five Sirachas isn’t easy.

c. Can I send in my own tip? I have a comment/better way of doing a tip mentioned in a previous episode. Will you read it on air?

Yes, of course. We are always interested in community tips. You can send us your ideas over email or through social media.  Scroll to the bottom of any page and leave a comment in the message box.

d. What’s Siracha, and why is Oz so obsessed with it?

Good question. We don’t know.

G. Excel News

a. What is Excel news?

Excel news is the part of the show in which talk about current events, upcoming workshops and events, new books, and our own personal events.

Rick handles the news section of the show.  Scroll to the bottom of any page and leave a comment in the message box.

b. How do I submit my own news? How can I get you to present my product on air?

Of course! If you have something you’d like to submit to be read on air, send your ideas to us.  Scroll to the bottom of any page and leave a comment in the message box.

H. Partnering with Excel TV/Contributing to Excel.TV

a. Can I write a blog post for Excel TV?

Yes, we are always looking for bloggers who have something to share. Excel TV has a wide audience, and blogging can your ideas exposure.Scroll to the bottom of any page and leave a comment in the message box.

b. Will you host my content or provide a link to it? Can I offer my product to your listeners for a discount?

We might be able to do that for you.Scroll to the bottom of any page and leave a comment in the message box. Let us know the nature of what you’re providing. We might ask you provide a special discount (if it’s a paid item) for our viewers.

d. Do you collaborate with businesses, companies, organizations, bloggers, etc?

Yes. We are looking for ways to collaborate. Including sponsorship of show segments and target advertising through our site and mailing lists.Scroll to the bottom of any page and leave a comment in the message box.

e. Does Excel TV provide tutoring or consulting services?

No, Excel TV does not provide consulting or training. However, both Oz and Jordan provide these surfaces independently of Excel TV and of one another. Consult their About Me pages for more information.

f. I have a partnership idea not listed here—are you interested?

Yes! We are looking to partner with the community and institutions who aligned with our values. Scroll to the bottom of any page and leave a comment in the message box.