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Using the Immediate Window – Excel VBA Tips

We all know that VBA allows us to create Macros in Microsoft Excel which does complex tasks in an easy way. You can create a Macro for tasks which you are supposed to do repeatedly. But, while writing VBA code we come across some issues or errors and finding them would be hard. So, we […]

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Chandoo Excel Interview – Pointy Haired Dilbert – Chandoo.org

Purna Duggirala, or Pointy Haired Dilbert, of Chandoo.Org and StartUpDesi.com joins Excel TV host Rick Grantham and cohost Microsoft Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier and author and Excel TV Host Oz du Soleil on Excel TV. Rick: All the way from India, welcome Purna Duggirala AKA Chandoo AKA Pointy Haired Dilbert!  Chandoo, welcome to the show. […]

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Kari Finn of Microsoft MVP Program

Kari Finn, Manager of Microsoft MVP program joins Excel TV host Rick Grantham and cohosts Microsoft Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier and author and Microsoft Excel MVP Oz du Soleil on Excel TV. Rick: Kari joins us from Microsoft in Redmond. Would you mind saying hello and tell us a little bit about yourself? Kari: I […]

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How to Create Dynamic Drop Down Lists Using Excel Tables

Updating spreadsheets can be a pain, especially when you have to change all the Data Validation dropdown menus manually. Of course, you may use a complicated mix of INDIRECT and ROW formulas to achieve a dynamic dropdown list. But there is a much better solution. And that is exactly what Zack Barresse is here to […]

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Excel Tables with Excel MVP Zack Barresse

Surprisingly, tables are the most misunderstood and, hence, underused feature of Excel. While some people confuse this feature with data tables developed by Scenario Manager, most people just plainly ignores it owing to its alien syntax. Microsoft Search Analytics revealed that less than 1% of the Excel users employ tables in their workbooks. This is […]

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How Do Excel Gurus Solve Problems in Excel?

If we think about how Excel gurus solve problems in Excel, clearly the technical expertise comes to our minds. But that is not all there is to it. Things like communicating articulately and with confidence are also important factors. That said, there are even stranger things that might come into play, for example knowledge of […]

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Preparing for the Worst with Excel

This week’s episode is around fail-safes, that is, preparing for the worst! Of course, it might not always work out as planned. But one definitely ends up a few funny stories as a consequence. Let’s join our favorite Excel TV trio Jordan Goldmeier, Oz du Soleil, Rick Grantham and our special guest Ken Puls. Jordan […]

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Contrarianism in Excel – When to Break The Rules

You need to know when to be a contrarian: someone who breaks the rules, bucks conventions and gives it to the client straight. When it comes to the field of data analytics, the motto “customer is always right” cannot be more wrong. With Szilvia Juhasz facilitating the session, we have Jordan Goldmeier, Oz du Soleil […]

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Brad Edgar – Excel Blogger & Dashboard Guru

Brad Edgar of BradEdgar.com joins Excel TV host Rick Grantham and cohosts Excel Author Szilvia Juhasz and Excel MVP and author Jordan Goldmeier to talk about Power Query and Dashboards. Rick: Welcome Brad Edgar, our special guest from Canada. Brad Edgar of BradEdgar.com where you can go to learn dashboard and dashboard products. How does […]

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2017 – Roads? Where We’re Going We Don’t Need… Roads

Happy New Year everyone.  It’s that time of year.  The gyms are packed. 2016 was a good year for Excel TV.   We laughed, we cried…  you get the idea. But now it’s 2017, and there is a lot to look forward to this year.  At Excel TV, we view this business as a labor […]

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Excel TV 2016 Review

Howdy everybody.  Happy New Year.  It’s noon, so I’m awake now. 2016 was quite the transition year for Excel TV.  Seems like a good time to take stock of where we are at and where we are heading.  Give our readers an opportunity to help mold our direction going forward. 2016 Review Goals from Dec […]

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Excel Pro Tip: Creating Custom Reports with Excel Slicers

When I teach how to develop dashboards in Excel, I’m often asked if the same visualizations and interactivity can be recreated for PowerPoint. My answer is always the same: use Excel as your PowerPoint (why? because the answer is also no). In other words, rather than pasting reports onto slides, use the spreadsheet instead as […]

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Mike Girvin Interview – Excel Array Formulas

Mike Excelisfun Girvin author of a book on Excel array formulas joins Excel TV host Rick Grantham and cohosts Microsoft Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier and author and Microsoft Excel MVP Oz du Soleil on Excel TV. Rick: Our Excel TV YouTube channel has been blowing up since Mike Girvin announced he was going to be […]

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Protect Cells in Excel by Locking Scrollbar

We all know that for some problems, Protect Sheet tool under the REVIEW tab doesn’t cut it. Well, Jordan has found another way to restrict end-user access and it has its own advantages. Let’s get to it. 1 – The Basics – Restricting Users The way this technique works is by restricting users to a […]

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Sorting in Excel Dashboards

We all aware of harnessing the power of VBA to dynamically sort dashboards based on user input. But is there a simpler, more elegant solution? Yes, there is. And Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier is here to solve this mystery for us. Let’s dive in! 1 – The Excel Dashboard Data The image below shows an […]

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